Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

20 Best Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas Adults And Kids

Outdoor birthday parties are lively celebrations if you or the celebrant lives in lovely weather all year round or any of the kids in your family have a summer birthday. If you’re planning one, there are a lot of outdoor birthday party ideas to inspire you to plan a memorable party. It doesn’t matter what age you or the kid is turning.


Children look forward to birthdays because they are special occasions. And outdoor parties have no shortage of party themes. During parties, children want to eat as much cake as they want, get spoiled with presents, and be with all their friends to celebrate and have fun.


Read on to know our best ideas for a great outdoor birthday party for your kid or kids, outdoor birthday party ideas for adults, and outdoor birthday party ideas during Covid.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas



The theme of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland never gets old and though the story may or may not be a classic, it’s perfect for outdoor parties. Arrange for a long table for all of your guests and recreate the Mad Tea Party from the story.

Make oversized tissue paper flowers to add to the surreal decor and have guests play pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat for a thematic twist on the classic game. Since everything is a bit wacky in Alice’s Wonderland, you have the opportunity to get creative with this theme.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas



A water party is always a blast whether you’ve got a pool or not. If you don’t have one, arrange for one, set up a Slip ‘n Slide, sprinkler water, balloons, and water guns, and let the kids go wild. For hours, they’ll be shrieking with joy and enjoying the fun. Don’t forget to take some precautions like ensuring the windows to the house are closed and specify the rules as to where wet kids are allowed. Water parties are a lot of fun and it keeps kids cool on a hot day.



Another great one of our outdoor birthday party ideas is a beach party. This is a cool option if you don’t live near the ocean. If your kid loves the beach and wants a beach experience for his/her birthday, go out to the beach, get beach balls, surfboards, crab plates, and thematic food in the shape of fish, swim noodles, shark fins, and inner tubes and make a fun party. Don’t forget a sandbox to build some castles in.



Lawn twister is a favorite indoor game from the event that can also be played outdoors. To make the yard part of the game, simply spray paint the game board circles on the grass (it grows out after a few weeks). You can also create a giant Chutes & Ladders or Candyland game in your yard and let the kids act as the “pawns” that move on the game board.



If your kid is a big fan of Nerf guns, you can set up some amazing activities for a Nerf party. Get some partygoers to create cardboard targets, play Nerf bowling, have some balloon target practice, and so much more. The party should also include desserts, super-cute decor, and a Nerf-themed piñata.



Organize an archaeological dig party if your kid loves the thrill of the hunt or is intrigued by all that came before him. If the outdoor birthday party is held at the beach, simply bury “artifacts” in a sandbox, or the dirt, and have them searched out and uncovered. Add an extra element of fun by giving riddles to help lead them to the buried items. Or to have a competition in it, set up a contest to see who can find a certain “golden” item and win a big prize.



Kids love bubbles, and it could be a lot of fun blowing, chasing, and popping all shapes and sizes of bubbles for hours on end. Get and set up a few bubble machines for a constant flow of bubbles, and they provide plenty of individual bottles for each kid to do on their own. Depending on their age, the kids can make their beautiful bubble wands and even create super-size bubbles as a party favor to take home.



For another outdoor birthday party idea, ask the kids to bring their favorite teddy bear or furry friend for a picnic. Set up a Teddy Bear Picnic and print adorable printables that are sweet-as-can-be. Arrange for some picnic blankets and serve teddy bear-themed treats like cut out sugar cookies and Teddy Grahams. The kids will find it fun introducing their favorite teddy bear to their friends and getting to know each other better.



Kite flying is a fun activity that a lot of kids don’t always partake in.  Though kites are elaborate, find cheap ones and host your party at a large park (preferably one that is prone to winds). Bring kites for everyone. The kids will have fun trying to get their kite off the ground and flying it the highest. They can also take it home as their party favor.



Organize an outdoor cinema for the kids.  Get a projector screen, decorate the venue and let the magic happen!



A Bouncy castle is irresistible for kids and hiring a bouncy castle is a staple of a lot of outdoor birthday parties.

Bouncy castles come in all sizes and shapes. From elaborate mazes to giant pirate ships. They also have different designs which cater to different age groups and different settings.



Throw a paint party.  It should be done around lots of open spaces because painting can get messy. Grab Your Paint Brush, Let’s Paint!

Since it’s an outdoor birthday party, you don’t have to worry about the risk of splashing the white couch with a vibrant, red blob of paint.

So, buy some easels, grab some paint, and throw a paint party!

The children can create anything they desire, get as messy as they want, and you don’t have to worry about the clean-up as a little rain can wash everything away.


Football party

A football party is a great idea for a classic outdoor birthday party. It is even more fun if your kids and their friends are young football fans.

It’s quite easy to organize. Get some jerseys, a football and divide them into teams.

To go the extra mile, book a football party entertainer who will host different games for them to play and teach the kids some new tricks.

Alternatively, an indoor football field will even make the occasion feel even more special but you will need to organize carpools to get there.


Outdoor birthday party ideas for adults


Adults are never too old to celebrate! It’s a time to be with your family, friends, and loved ones doing something you love. Here are some cool theme ideas that will have you anticipating your next outdoor birthday party.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas


1. Fiesta

The first idea for an adult birthday party is a good ‘ole fiesta! Bring on the mariachi band and the tacos! If there is something the guests might enjoy such as gifts cards or money, add a pinata to it.


2. Luau

Next, try a party luau style by having guests come to the party dressed in Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts.

Surround yourselves with tiki torches while roasting a pig and drinking fruity drinks from coconuts. This is obviously a great form of entertainment.


  1. Movies

Set up a large outdoor movie screen and show the celebrant’s favorite movie. For snacks, rent a popcorn machine to serve fresh buttered popcorn with red vines.

All the necessary stuff needed are a projector, screen, sound equipment, and comfortable seating. The seating can simply be blankets and pillows on the ground.


  1. Carnival

Organize a carnival-themed party with Hot dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy as tasty treats. To thrill your crowd, include carnival games like balloon darts, bean bag toss, and a disk drop.


5. Picnic Party

Organize a picnic party, spread out checkered blankets, and display picnic baskets. Play picnic games such as corn hole, tug-o-war, and water balloon dodgeball. This is one of the easiest and fast outdoor birthday party ideas adults can put together.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas during Covid


During the Covid, it can be a disappointment for kids to have to celebrate their birthday with the stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Here are some outdoor birthday party ideas that can work during covid.


Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas


Decorate Your Front Yard

Rented a HUGE sign for your son or daughter’s birthday and decorate the front of your yard with birthday-themed decorations. People and neighbors who pass by will know it’s a very special day.”


Covid 19 Birthday in a Box

Search for local companies near you who may have birthday in-a-box celebration services available for hire. Schedule delivery of a “Birthday in a Box” package and include custom surprises for your child. If it’s an adult, some services offer birthday boxes that include wine or liquor.


House Decorations

Use cardboard boxes or make huge poster board signs, balloons, banners, streamers, whatever you have in your home that can depict a festive celebration. After the birthday, leave everything up for a couple of days as a reminder of the party.


Host a Zoom Birthday Party

Have your friends and family download the zoom app and gather them together on a zoom call. You can also use other video conferencing sites like Google Hangout or Jitsi. Ask everyone to have a dessert of some sort; a cupcake, cookies, cake, donuts, pie… and then everyone can sing to the birthday boy or girl and eat their “cake” with him/her. You can even play background music during video calls.


Video compilation

Ask family and friends to send video wishes to the birthday kid. Use any Android or IOS editing app and compile them into a fun “movie” or just play them individually during the party for the celebrant. Seeing and hearing well wishes from family, friends and loved ones brightens their day.


Go Camping

Pitch a tent in the living room, light a few candles and tell stories with flashlights while eating microwaved food or snacks. If the weather is nice and everyone is outdoors, build a fire, roast marshmallows while reminiscing about favorite and future birthday memories you want to make together as a family.


Host a Fancy Dinner at Home

Send invitations to family, friends, and loved ones inviting them to get really dressed up and come to your home. Lit candles and set on the table, play music, and have everyone use proper manners and cloth napkins during the dinner. It’ll feel fancy and special even if you are eating pizza.


Old School Games

Kids can play old-school games like Clothes pin drop, “pin the tail on the donkey”, Bobbing for apples, balloon bust, and the Bozo bucket toss. Check if there are supplies around the house to set up a few of these retro party games. These games are fun so even the kids (and adults) will have such a great time playing them again.



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Best Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids



These are the best outdoor birthday party ideas for a fun, and memorable party.


We detailed our best ideas for a great outdoor birthday party for your kid or kids, outdoor birthday party ideas for adults, and outdoor birthday party ideas during Covid. Therefore, this guide will be very helpful in planning a splendid birthday party that you, your family, friends, or loved ones will never forget.


If you have any outdoor birthday party ideas that interest you the most, let us know in the comment below.

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