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How To Plan Nigerian Birthday Party Program

In Nigeria, birthday parties are a source of joy, fun, and a great boost to any child’s self-esteem. It’s a special occasion for both the celebrant, family, friends, and loved ones hence a perfect Nigerian birthday party program isn’t a minor task. It requires time and good planning.


This article provides the necessary information on everything you need to know for a Nigerian birthday party program. There’s information on how to plan a 1-year birthday party program in Nigeria, how to mc a birthday party in  Nigeria, and even birthday party programs for adults.


1 Year birthday party program in Nigeria


Birthday for a 1-year-old is a significant time in a baby’s life for the parents to show and share their love for their baby with family and friends. Don’t be surprised if the baby is clingy or emotional or only cares about playing, it’s normal that he/she might not understand or appreciate all the attention and celebratory fuss of that day.


To send out invitations to your party invites, decide if you want to opt for formal invites and share invitation cards or send out texts as invites. Don’t forget to get a photographer to take pictures to put in a good old album or record the event on a couple of flash drives or DVDs. As you keep everything that happened in the birthday party program digitally, you shouldn’t miss having an album to flip through.


nigerian birthday party program


Whom to Invite


The first step to consider when planning a Nigerian birthday party program for a 1-year-old is whom to invite to the special occasion. The most determining factor on the number of guests to invite is the parent’s budget and preference but you should also consider the child’s nature around large crowds of people.

Nigerian birthday parties are naturally huge and loud as neighbors, extended family, in-laws, church friends, classmates, work colleagues, e.t.c might all show up at the event. So the first step is to decide whether to keep the birthday small and close or large and open.


How Long a Party


Next is considering options for how long the party should last for a one-year-old and what time of day it should take place. A 1-year-old may still take naps during the day, and it isn’t a good idea to have the party during such time. The children that are invited will also feel sleepy and be too tired to enjoy the party during their usual time for naps.

Therefore, if you are planning to invite children who are also 1-year-olds, an hour or a little longer will be sufficient time for a first birthday party. Plan to have a separate entertainment if you are going to have older children at the party. Older children will have more energy and agility and won’t necessarily feel sleepy during the usual time for naps of 1-year-olds.

In Lagos, a birthday party in its true style can cater to the entertainment of babies, toddlers, and older children. An average party can be expected to start at about 2 pm and based on the “Nigerian timing” the activity usually lasts from 3 pm and 6 pm.


Where to Have the Birthday Party


The location for the birthday party depends on the size of the party. Though having the event at your house reduces the costs of paying for an expensive outside hall or event place, not every home can accommodate a lot of guests that may include children, parents, nannies, families, etc.

The advantage of choosing a party venue is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning and tidying once the party is over. Also choose a location that will make the child happy such as a park, or somewhere that the child likes to go.


Best Catering for the Party


Make catering arrangements for guests. This includes food for children and adults. Most children will enjoy simpler foods like snacks, small burgers, chips, hotdogs, finger foods and will not be interested in heavy meals such as rice, Moin-Moin, swallows, etc.

For the adults, especially the parents, catering should include the full range menu. In fact, there’s hardly a  birthday party in Nigeria that is a “kids” only party.

Other catering options include small chops, assorted drinks;  soda, Chapman, cocktails, and non-soda for the kids at the party such as Ribena and juice. If you choose a party venue, don’t forget that it will be filled with staff and domestics; so you can plan for them to be fed as well.


Food and Party Favors – Best Pick


Prepare a birthday cake with candles, and choose party favors that are light. If there is cake left, wrap it as gifts for kids to go home with.

If you’re going to give gifts, make sure you plan for at least an additional 10 packs more than the number of children you invited. This is because robin will probably come with his cousin, favor to the party and you wouldn’t want to be explaining to him that you cannot give her a pack because you didn’t expect her.

No matter how much fun the party is, have a distribution plan. kids might cause a party to become a tearful, rowdy, and chaotic period if things are not planned properly. Decide on a plan and get some help while giving the favors out at a certain time; perhaps by age groups, or girls/boys.

Make sure that after the party is organized, the parent or parents have time to enjoy it too. After all, it’s not easy to organize the perfect first birthday party for a 1-year-old. The parents should have time to make some precious memories of the birthday with the celebrant. Before the birthday event starts, successful planning and the preparation of necessary items will give the parents more time to enjoy their kid’s memorable day.

The services of party planners can also be employed to give professional planning services and give you time to focus on other things!


How to MC a Birthday Party in  Nigeria


A party won’t be complete without an MC. An MC’s job is a challenging job that requires good public speaking skills. If you intend to be the Master of Ceremonies for a Nigerian birthday party, don’t be tempted to be under-prepared as that would be a mistake. Take it as seriously as you would take a business conference. Here are the right things to do to mc a birthday party in Nigeria.


Before The Day

Have a meeting with the organizers or parents. That could mean a face-to-face conversation, a telephone call, WhatsApp, or email exchanges. Ask lots of questions like the following:

The number of guests that have been invited?

What kind of entertainment has been planned? (Band? DJ? Comedian?)

Is there a dress code?

How long is the birthday expected to last?

Answers to these questions will give you an idea of what is being planned and what to expect. Ask for a draft program of the event.

If you encounter some resistance from the organizer or parents who may be wondering why you need a program when a party is just a small event with friends and family turning up to eat, drink and make merry, respond that the program will only serve as a guide for you to keep the event running on time and will not be printed out for guests but.

If there is no program, offer to come up with one. Below is a simple template you can use:

Arrival of  Guests

Opening Prayer

Purpose of  Gathering

Optional Speeches


Dinner Time

Dancing time

Cut the cake

Pop champagne

Propose toast

Dancing till the last guest leaves

‘Optional Speeches’ is reserved for family members or relatives who would like to say a few congratulatory words to the celebrant. Get a brief profile of the person or people who will give the optional speeches so you can tell the audience what connection they have with the celebrant (Uncle?Aunt?Did they go to school together? Business partners? Family friends?)


On The Day

Get to the venue an hour ahead of time and let the organizers or parents know you have arrived early. Introduce yourself to all the service providers such as the DJ, band, caterer, ushers, waiters,.

It is always recommended to be on friendly terms with the DJ. The reason for this, for starters, is that you need him to test your microphone since you will be using his/her public address system. Also, you will need him to lower the music whenever you turn on your microphone so that what you say can be audible. To crown it all, it is quite easier to work with people you have a cordial relationship with.

Get a little background information from the musician and band so you can hype them when you have to introduce their act.

Always review your program throughout the event, inform the person saying the opening prayer to get ready, and be ready to commence the event at the appropriate time!


Birthday Party Programs for Adults

If you have a spacious backyard, host the birthday there and create a colorful and festive carnival-themed party! Share carnival party supplies, fun food, ideas, and charming details!


  • Make Your Own Spritzer Bar

Create a make-your-own spritzer bar and let your guests mix their own spritzer. This is a fun, afternoon birthday party idea that’s perfect for any birthday brunch celebration.


  • Have A Wine And Cheese Gathering 

In a wine and cheese party, no cooking is involved! This is the easiest menu for a birthday party program for adults and it takes very little planning and works for birthdays.


  • Host An Outdoor Movie Night

Watching movies outdoors is one of adult’s favorite activities. Hosting a movie night is great for a birthday and is such a rewarding and fun pastime.


  • Make Your Own Floral Arrangements 

Provide one or two activities for your party guests to do during a party. One such activity is to create a floral station so guests can make their own florals to take home.

Floral arrangements create an opportunity for everyone to interact, hang out and meet!.


  • Lemonade Stand For Adults

A lemonade stand for adults is another great birthday party idea for any birthday party. Create a charming lemonade stand with spiked lemonade, charming details and homemade syrups!.


  • Get Whimsical With A Mad Hatter Party

A mad hatter is a fun theme for a girl’s party! In this type of afternoon party, you bring out your whimsical self and enjoy fun card games and tea!


  • Cookies And Cocktails Party

Some adults enjoy cookies too. Combine it with a cocktail by hosting cookies and cocktail birthday parties or a cookie swap. Spend the night enjoying homemade cookies, Almond Joy Shots all paired with cookies and boozy milkshakes.


  • A Food bar

Center the party theme around the food itself by setting out a table and laying a cloth on it. Then fill bowls with original honey flavor graham crackers, provide chunks, and chips, get an assorted box of cookies, and chocolate in the shape of bars, a variety of marshmallows, and toasted coconut.



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These are the best Nigerian birthday party programs for a fun, and memorable party.

We detailed our best ideas for a Nigerian birthday party program. There’s information on how to plan a 1-year birthday party program in Nigeria, how to mc a birthday party in Nigeria, and even birthday party programs for adults. Therefore, this guide will be very helpful in planning a memorable Nigerian birthday party that you, your one-year-old kid, family, friends, or loved ones will never forget.


If you have any Nigerian birthday party programs that interests you the most, let us know in the comment below.

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