How To Plan A Christmas Party

How To Plan A Christmas Party

Christmas is one time of the year when families can host memorable Christmas parties for family and friends. It is a cheerful way to bring everyone together and enjoy the holiday. If you’re considering throwing a holiday party but don’t know where to begin, we have the perfect ideas on how to plan a Christmas party.


In this post, you’ll get to know how you can plan a stress-free Christmas party for your friends and family, some creative Christmas party themes and game ideas, Christmas party activities, and how to plan your work Christmas party.


How To Plan A Christmas Party


Below are five steps to follow to plan your Christmas party using these seamless party planning ideas.

  • Choose a date. The first step to planning a Christmas party is to find a date in December to host your Christmas party. To avoid schedule conflicts, you can plan it for early December or plan it as an intimate party for Christmas Eve.
  • Figure out your budget. This requires deciding on how many guests will be at your party, summing up numbers of those who will be attending, and planning with a budget enough for drinks, catering, equipment, and venue costs. While allocating the budget, focus on what is most important to your party as the size of the budget will have a huge impact on the type of Christmas party you plan.
  • Choose a location. Decide a location to have your Christmas party. It can either be at your home or you can rent a space. If you’re having 35-40 guests or less, celebrations at home are more cost-effective and ideal, while renting a space works better for a larger group of people or guests.


Planning for memorable Christmas Celebration with your family

  • Choose a Christmas party theme to set the tone for your food, decorations, and invites.
  • Choose Christmas party invitations. Without guests, A party isn’t a party! After deciding on your guest list, find Christmas party invitations that match your theme, include all relevant information on your invitation, and design either printable or electronic invitations that can be sent to your guests. Relevant invitations of the party may include the dress code or Christmas party game details. This helps guests get prepared. A festive holiday sticker can also be included on your invitation to get everyone in the mood.
  • After deciding on how many people you’re inviting, set a budget for food and decorations that reflects how many people you expect to attend. Choose desserts, appetizers, and cocktails that are easy to prepare so you can have time to enjoy the party with your friends, family, and guests.
  • Arrange for entertainment. Great entertainment will be highly appreciated during Christmas. It can also be the most memorable part of the event. It helps to create a fun party atmosphere, brings everyone together, and makes the event lively. From live bands or karaoke to pop-up photo booths, there are so many endless options available. Check with the location or venue you’re hosting the party and choose entertainment that suits your event.
  • It’s quite important to prepare for your Christmas party in advance. As soon as you set a date, order the decorations, party favors, or materials as soon as possible.


Christmas Party Themes


It is important to Choose a Christmas party theme that aligns your party components together. It’s recommended to stick with one party theme so as to reduce the amount of work needed to throw a Christmas party. No matter the type of Christmas party you’re planning, choose a theme that corresponds with your decor, food, and Christmas party invites.

  • Traditional Christmas: For a cool Christmas party to get your family and friends in the holiday spirit, find Christmas treats, red and green decorations, and designs for your party that are jolly and cheerful. You can gather mini-Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings, oversized ornaments, and Christmas lights. This helps to give your party a warm and traditional feel. Don’t forget to send out matching elegant Christmas cards to cap off the theme.
  • We Three Kings: A ‘We Three Kings’ party is a religious and elegant party theme consisting of a black, white, and gold color palette. It was inspired by the three Wise Men who traveled to Bethlehem for the birth of baby Jesus and can be used to decorate your party with regal designs, small treasures, and jewels.
  • Santa Claus Soiree: You can deck your party with a Santa-inspired theme. This requires getting creative with a Saint Nicholas theme by incorporating Santa throughout your desserts, decorations, and tablescapes. Also, endeavor to have a family member or friend dress up as Santa to surprise your guests. This helps in making your Santa Claus party memorable.
  • Peppermint Party: A peppermint can also be called a candy cane party. This party is all about the food and treats as you can serve everything from peppermint cocktails (or mocktails) and peppermint hot chocolate to peppermint fudge and homemade peppermint bark. For decorations, you can base your party decor on multi-colored candy canes or choose a classic red and white striped theme.
  • Winter Wonderland: You can turn your home or space into a beautiful Winter Wonderland party full of white decor, snowflakes, and snowmen. This is a grand and elegant theme characterized by plenty of silver and white decorations throughout your entire party set-up. An all-white dessert bar is also included.
  • Reindeer Party: A charismatic reindeer-themed Christmas party basically includes a red and green color palette, but you can get creative with reindeer treats, log centerpieces, and sleigh bells. As your guests walk in, don’t forget to pass out red noses and antlers to all of them.
  • Nutcracker Ballet Party: A Nutcracker ballet is characterized by ballet dancers, decor based on angels, Winter-inspired decorations, and toy soldiers. This is an ideal party theme if you’re looking to avoid red and green during the Christmas season
  • Cookie Exchange: A cookie exchange or swap party is quite kid-friendly and perfect for a sweet holiday gathering. You can ask each attendee to bake and bring one type of cookie along with the recipe to the party so the cookie exchange is a success. A packaging station can be set up for guests to decorate their boxes before selecting their cookies.
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: An Ugly Christmas Sweater party theme is highly popular and is for loved ones who look forward to finding their ugly Christmas sweater every year. If you pick this theme, ensure you check out our funny Christmas party invitations. Since the focus of the party is on the guests, you can pair this theme with classic Christmas colors. Also, offer a prize to the guest with the most hideous Christmas sweater!
  • Christmas Costume Party: A costume party is a party that encourages guests to wear Christmas colors or come as their favorite Christmas movie character. These kinds of parties are always creative and allow guests to play a larger role in making the party a success. This theme can be paired with classic Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas Movie Night: Host a fun Christmas movie night with your loved ones and have everyone grab the popcorn. This theme is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of decorations. Start by planning out treats and movie-oriented bites that are easy to grab. To build excitement and anticipation, you can let guests know which Christmas movies you’ll be screening on your invitation.


Christmas Party Game Ideas


Organizing games at your Christmas party is necessary to create some fun and laughter and cheer everyone up. With Christmas party games, the energy at your party will be high and it will encourage guests to easily interact with one another. Below are some cool Christmas party game ideas.

  • Gingerbread House Decorating Competition: A good gingerbread house is fun.  It is a tasty decorating activity that can turn into an exciting competition. The game is played by dividing your guests into small pairs and supplying them with a gingerbread house kit, decorations, and frosting to see who can come up with the most creative house design.
  • White Elephant: White Elephant is a classic Christmas game played by a lot of families. It is a gift exchange game that involves participants opening a gift from a communal table and having the option to steal another participant’s gift during their turn or keep their gift. The game ends once all of the gifts on the table are gone and everyone is stuck with what they have.
  • Christmas Gift Wrap Relay: A Christmas gift wrap relay is played by arranging a gift wrap relay race for your guests and challenging them to race across a room and wrap oddly shaped gifts. To win the game, one team must be first to have all of their members wrap a gift and return to one side of the room.
  • Christmas Stocking Relay: This game requires patience. And involves a Christmas stocking relay in which teams are challenged to fill their stocking up with Christmas candies or jelly beans. The rule of the game is that each member has to use a spoon when racing across the room to fill their stocking.


Christmas Party Activities


Christmas party activities are hardly left out while planning a Christmas party. It’s a must! Apart from the delicious food and holiday sweets at the party, Christmas party activities help to keep your guests entertained. They are quite different from Christmas games, are non-competitive, and don’t involve any prizes. Below are some of them

  • Christmas Karaoke: Christmas karaoke is an easy and exciting Christmas activity. You simply gather all of your guests for a few rounds of karaoke featuring some of your favorite Christmas tunes. This activity helps spread the holiday spirit and reminds everyone of their favorite holiday songs.
  • Christmas Crafts: If the Christmas party is a kid-friendly one, then it’s an idea to set up a table for Christmas crafts and arts. Set up supplies for fun crafts such as stocking decorations, paper snowflakes, homemade ornaments, and angels.
  • Cookie Decorating: Cookie decorating helps to get the activity started and involves setting up a cookie decorating table for your guests and offering different Christmas-shaped sugar cookies. To satisfy your guests, you can also include plenty of colored icings and fun toppings too.
  • Photo Booth with Christmas Props: To capture the holiday spirit of your guests, build or rent your own photo booth with plenty of funny Christmas props. Photo Booths are getting very popular at themed parties and help to document all of the fun that you’ve been planning for your Christmas party. Have guests take a Christmas photo with their family and send it to them after the holidays as a memento.
  • Secret Santa Exchange: For smaller Christmas parties, plan a traditional Secret Santa exchange and inform your guests in advance to attend! You can keep track of RSVPs and it’s quite easier to compile your Secret Santa list.
  • Christmas Card Tree Making: For this type of Christmas party activity, tell your guests to come to the party with their photo Christmas cards for a fun and crafty activity. During the party, tell your guests to exchange family Christmas cards and attach them to mini-Christmas trees made of wood. Also, provide small clips and ornaments for your guests to complete their card tree.

For the love of the Christmas season, the planning process for a Christmas party can be fun and cheerful as you can get creative and find spirited ways to make your party memorable for everyone. Don’t fail to plan your party in advance and send a Christmas card to all of the guests after the party as a nice memento for attending



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And that’s it. The detailed guide to how to plan a Christmas party.  From how to plan a stress-free Christmas party for your friends and family, creative Christmas party themes and game ideas, and Christmas party activities, this guide will be very helpful in planning a memorable Christmas party.


If you have got any Christmas party ideas that interest you the most, let us know in the comment below.

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