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Full Comparison On Cost of Living in Texas vs Florida

In spite of being found a few states from one another, the cost of living in Texas vs Florida are generally comparative. The two of them offer a warm environment, have a coastline that borders the Gulf of Mexico, and inhabitants don’t need to pay a state income tax.


However, each state has its own special offerings also. For instance, Texans partake in a focal area, more social variety, and less traffic.

While, Florida has more vacation destinations, greater work openings, better transportation, and higher rankings in instruction. So, how do these two states stack up with regards to the cost of living in Texas vs Florida?

The cost of living index in Texas is 93.9, meaning it is around 6% more reasonable to live in Texas than the public normal (100). Florida, then again, has a cost of living index of 102.8, so it is more costly than both Texas and the public normal. The middle cost of a home in Texas is $243,600, which is around 16.5% not exactly the public normal of 291,700. In the interim, the middle home cost in Florida is $294,900 – moderately comparable to the public normal yet 21% higher than Texas.


Cost of Living in Texas vs Florida


Besides median housing costs, we will be comparing the cost of living in Texas vs Florida, to help you make a decent decision on whether or not you should relocate from your current residence to either of the States, using the under-listed points;

  • Housing Market in Texas vs Florida
  • Home Prices in Texas vs Florida
  • Rent Prices in Texas vs Florida
  • Taxes in Texas vs Florida
  • Transportation Cost
  • Entertainment & Miscellaneous Costs in Texas vs Florida
  • Texas vs Florida, Which is More Expensive?


Texas vs Florida, Which is More Expensive?


At the point when you consider the cost of living index, Texas comes in underneath the public normal and Florida is somewhat above. Notwithstanding, when you look at these two states together, Florida is around 9.5% more costly than Texas.

The cost savings in Texas is for the most part added to the lower housing costs. While the property and sales taxes might be high, Texans additionally partake in the advantage of more reasonable medical care, utilities, transportation, and food and staple costs.


Housing Market in Texas vs Florida


This is a very important aspect in the comparison between the cost of living in Texas vs Florida and the first on our list. At the point when you assess the way that the middle home cost in Texas is near $244,000, it is considerably more reasonable to buy a home here than in the territory of Florida. With Florida’s middle home cost of almost 295,000, you’d be looking at spending around 20% to a greater degree toward a home in Florida contrasted with Texas.

All through quite a bit of 2020, there was a gigantic movement of individuals to Florida since individuals understood that they could in any case make a similar measure of cash here yet have a lot more excellent of life. However, with such an influx of individuals and home loan rates at an unequaled low, this brought about restricted inventory, an appeal, and rising home costs. However home costs are higher than anybody at any point expected, it’s anticipated that the proportion of purchasers to dealers might ease somewhat.

A similar circumstance is occurring across the vast majority of the U.S. because of the pandemic. Over the previous year, Texas home estimations have increased by 8.5 percent. The major contributing element to this is restricted inventory, as there are fewer homes available to be purchased in Texas now than at any time during the most recent twenty years. In both Texas and Florida, it’s an exemplary instance of organic market awkwardness. Homes available are receiving a few offers, with a large number of them selling for higher than the asking cost.

Well, it could be an extraordinary chance to be a vendor in Texas and Florida, the two business sectors are cutthroat at purchasers and home costs are more costly than ideal. In any case, it remains less expensive to buy a home in Texas and Florida.


Home Prices in Texas vs Florida


Home prices in these cities is another important aspect to consider on the comparison between the cost of living in Texas vs Florida. Middle home costs are at last dependent on the particular city and area that you live in a specific state, and this is certainly valid for both Texas and Florida. The following table features a portion of the significant urban communities in Texas and Florida, alongside their relevant middle home costs:

City Median Home Price
Houston, TX $220,000
Austin, TX $551,200
Dallas, TX $259,800
Tampa, FL 306,900
Orlando, FL 294,400
Miami, FL 398,100


Generally, more reasonable housing is viewed as a huge benefit of settling in Texas over Florida. Obviously, homes are more costly in Austin, yet assuming you decide to reside in urban areas like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, middle home costs are below the public normal. Though, you’ll find that a larger part of Florida’s urban communities has middle-home costs that are over the public normal.

While there might be a few urban communities in Texas that have higher home costs than different states in the U.S., they are still somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 percent less expensive than Florida.


Rent Prices in Texas vs Florida


Between the long periods of 2019 and 2020, the normal rent in the U.S. dropped in 12 states, with Texas being one of them. With a normal state-wide rental cost of $1,045, rent in Texas urban areas is for the most part beneath the public normal. However, rental costs can fluctuate a lot depending on where you reside in the state. For instance, rentals in Flower Mound, Texas are the most costly in the state at $1,685, while the city of Brownsville has the least expensive rates at just $730 each month.

The table beneath gives a more nitty-gritty gander at the normal rent in a portion of the significant urban communities across Texas:


City Average Rent
Houston, TX $1,205
Austin, TX $1,619
Dallas, TX $1,383
San Antonio, TX $1,151
Fort Worth, TX $1,273
Irving, TX $1,303


Like Texas, rental costs in Florida contrast dependent on the city you live in. With a statewide normal rent of $1,175 each month, Florida is the 11th most costly state for renters. Nonetheless, rental costs are relied upon to continue to rise all over the state, with South Florida having the third quickest developing rental market in the country. In this space, the normal rent is currently (as of August 2021) $2,432, about a 27% increase from the year before.

The following table shows a more exhaustive glance at the normal month to month rental costs you can expect in probably the most famous urban communities in Florida:

City Average Rent
Tampa, FL $1,647
Miami, FL $1,915
Orlando, FL $1,611
Jacksonville, FL $1,381
Sarasota, FL $1,816
Lakeland, FL $1,291



Rate Of Taxes in Texas vs Florida


There are some distinct contrasts between the taxes in Texas versus the taxes in Florida, featured in detail beneath.


State Income Tax: Fortunately, one of the advantages of living in one or the other Texas or Florida is the absence of state income tax. They are both among a limited handful of states in the country that have no close-to-home income tax. Regardless of whether you’re a specialist, instructor, realtor, or caretaker, come tax season you don’t need to record a state income tax return and don’t need to pay any kind of state income tax in one or the other Texas or Florida.

Obviously, you’ll in any case need to record a government income tax return and pay your administrative income taxes yet nothing is needed at the state level.


Sales Tax: At simply 6.25%, Texas’ state-wide sales tax rate is somewhat unobtrusive. However, when you think about the entirety of the extra city and province taxes across the express, the most elevated sales tax rate you could wind up paying in Texas is 8.25%. Sadly, most significant urban communities in Texas – like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio – do hit this sales tax limit.

Florida, then again, has a lower state-wide sales tax rate, at 6%. Moreover, some Florida districts gather their own sales taxes, which range from just 0.5% to as much as 2.5%. This implies that the real sales tax rates in Florida that you pay could be just about as much as 8.5%. In contrast to Texas, there are no sales taxes charged at the city level in Florida.


Property Tax: Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Texas or someplace along Florida’s 8,436 miles of coastline, you should consider the property taxes. Sadly, the property taxes in Texas are probably the most noteworthy in the country, with a powerful property tax pace of 1.69%. All things considered. Texas property taxes have been a long-standing issue between the state and neighborhood legislatures. While a few delegates need to restrict rates, urban communities and provinces go against this thought, as in certain spaces the property taxes are the essential kind of revenue.

Florida’s normal compelling property tax rate is simply 0.83%, well underneath the public normal of 1.07%. Since the property taxes in Florida are gathered at the district level, they can shift depending on where you live. For instance, Miami-Dade County’s success rates are really 0.97% of a home’s surveyed esteem.


Taxes in Texas vs Florida Comparison


State Income Tax Sales Tax Property Tax
Texas None 6.25% – 8.25% 1.69% (average effective rate)
Florida None 6% – 8.50% 0.83% (average effective rate)



Transportation Cost In Texas vs Florida


Regardless of whether you choose to get comfortable in Texas or Florida, transportation costs are one more significant thought involved in determining the cost of living in one or the other state. These costs include costs like gas costs, vehicle buy costs, transport passages, month-to-month travel passes, and other public transportation expenses.

Florida’s transportation costs are around 9% higher than Texas’, yet the two states have transportation cost indexes that are over the public normal.

Cost Factor Texas Florida
Gallon of gas $2.15 $2.39
Monthly public transit pass $45.92 $54.99
Taxi trip in downtown (approx. five miles) $14.26 $15.48
New Volkswagen Golf $22,016 $23,090



Entertainment & Miscellaneous Costs in Texas vs Florida


If having a lot of fun is a very important aspect of your lifestyle, then you should consider looking at the entertainment & miscellaneous cost of living in Texas vs Florida as it has a very important role to play in your relocation plans.

Cost Factor Average Price in Texas Average Price in Florida
Monthly local gym membership $33.11 $31.39
Movie ticket $10.01 $11.38
Pack of cigarettes $6.85 $6.94
Domestic beer (1 pint) $3.77 $4.41
Cappuccino (mid-range area) $4.15 $4.14
Pair of running shoes $70.86 $73.55
Fast food combo meal $7.25 $7.75





Comparing the cost of living in Texas vs Florida is significant whether you need to move between states or from elsewhere. While the two states are about normal as far as the cost of living, Texas is marginally less expensive. From an absence of income and property tax to more fluctuation in climate, you can’t turn out badly with Texas.


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