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Detail Review Cost of Living in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2022

In this article we will be discussing the cost of living in Minneapolis Minnesota, to help you better determine if moving from your current residence to Minneapolis is the best for you. We will also be covering all there is to know about living in the city.


There’s no denying that Minneapolis is a city with tons to offer. As home to major sports teams, an incredible art scene, and the best park system in the US, the City of Lakes is a great place to call home.

But is moving to Minneapolis right for you? Most importantly, can you afford the cost of living in Minneapolis Minnesota?


Cost of Living in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2022


If you’re not sure whether you’re financially prepared to live in Minneapolis, we’ve got you covered. This guide will break down everything you need to know about the cost of living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Let’s dive in!


  • Cost of Living in Minneapolis Minnesota
  • Housing Costs in Minneapolis
  • Groceries
  • Medical Services
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Fitness and Entertainment
  • Other Expenses to Consider in Minneapolis
  • What Salary Do I Need to Live in Minneapolis?


Housing Costs in Minneapolis Minnesota


As a head city, Minneapolis housing costs are on the more costly side, ranking among Denver and Chicago. All things considered, lease costs aren’t excessive. Notwithstanding, they’re well over the public normal.

The current middle rate for a one-room condo in Minneapolis sits at $1,114, while the middle cost for a two-room unit is $1,457.

Because of the pandemic, Minneapolis’ lease costs have seen a critical decline starting in March and have been getting lower consistently since then, at that point.

Lease costs have declined by 0.7% somewhat recently alone. They’re up by 1.9% from a similar time the year before. Home costs have confronted comparable drops.

With some light toward the finish of the Coronavirus burrow, these low lease costs are not prone to endure. Assuming you’re financially steady, making the move presently may be your smartest option to get an extraordinary arrangement all through your next rent period.


Cost Of Groceries Minneapolis Minnesota


According to information pulled from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) cost of living information apparatus, the month-to-month food costs for a single individual younger than 51 is $365. For two individuals, that cost ascends to $833.

In any case, the strategy for this information avoids going out for drinks and eating out at cafés, two exercises that numerous Minneapolis inhabitants appreciate. In this way, it’s essential to have a thing line for them in your financial plan.

Information from Numbeo shows that a feast at an inexpensive eatery for one would come to just shy of $18. Notwithstanding, to partake in a supper with another person at a mid-range café, hope to pay $66.94 in addition to tip for a full dinner.


Cost Of Medical Services Minneapolis Minnesota


Following the pattern across the US, medical care costs for individuals and families are rising. A new report recommends that these patterns are anticipated to continue. That will increase the requirement for reasonable public inclusion. Information proposes that the cash-based medical services charge cost for individuals younger than 51 is $146 month to month. For those beyond 51 years old, that cost ascends to $192.

Low-income individuals and families can seek Minnesota Health Care Programs for reasonable medical coverage choices. This program offers free or minimal expense care in which individuals might play a little part of costs or a copay. For instance, the Minnesota Care program requires individuals beyond 21 years old compensation a $75 copay for ER visits and a $25 copay for eyeglasses.

Obviously, your month-to-month medical coverage charge cost will rely upon your conditions, including whether you get boss-supported health care coverage or are insuring your family. Make certain to explore your choices to guarantee that you find a successful medical coverage strategy that meets your financial plan.


Cost Of Transportation Minneapolis Minnesota


Minneapolis has a strong public transportation framework. It’s midway situated in the midtown region and ranges the city’s lines.

A light rail framework and other run-of-the-mill methods of transportation, for example, transports and cabs make up the public transportation choices offered through Minneapolis Metro Transit. Transport passage will cost $2.00 to $3.25 depending on the hour of the day.

Be that as it may, Minneapolis has done an amazing job by offering occupants plenty of transportation choices. Obviously, well-known ride-sharing choices like Uber and Lyft are accessible. Zipcar clients can essentially lease a close-by vehicle for the afternoon.

For the individuals who lean toward using their own steam to get around, the Nice Ride bicycle sharing framework with e-bicycles and bikes offers choices to get around at the low cost of $2 for a single ride. Assigned bicycle paths run all through the city, which is known for its walk-and ride-capacity.

In the event that you’re getting around in your own vehicle, hope to pay parking charges when you show up midtown.


Cost Of Utilities Minneapolis Minnesota


Utility costs for a Minneapolis loft unit can differ incredibly. Notwithstanding, Numbeo puts essential utilities for a 915 sq. ft. condo at $153.43 month to month. That includes water, cooling, heating, trash, and power.

Minnesota is known for its freezing winters. On the off chance that you’re determined to reduce expenses, investing in a heating cover, layering up, and drinking bunches of tea are choices.

Nonetheless, for most individuals, this simply implies accounting for greater expenses during the colder months. Make certain to get some information about energy proficiency prior to signing a rent consent to stay away from colossal bills in the winter.

Estimating utility costs can be challenging, as these costs can rely upon a couple of elements. Those elements include individual inclinations, regardless of whether the unit has been moved up to be energy-productive, and yearly environment. To put it plainly, there are a large group of elements that you ought to consider prior to trying to think of a number.

On the off chance that conceivable, consider asking a current occupant of an apartment building you’re considering what they pay in utilities consistently. That will provide you with a smart thought of the amount you’ll be paying month to month.


Cost Of Fitness and Entertainment Minneapolis Minnesota


Enjoying every one of the things that Minneapolis brings to the table implies exploring wellness and entertainment choices in the Twin Cities. It’s vital to realize what these costs will mean for your wallet in the since quite a while ago run.

Here is a breakdown of Minneapolis wellness and entertainment costs to consider.


Fitness: The normal cost of a single exercise center grown-up participation in Minneapolis is just shy of $67. For a completely prepared exercise center, a pool, and different conveniences, the YMCA offers grown-up participation for $30 and a $50 enlistment expense.

All things considered, it’d be an error to underutilize the far-reaching park’s framework that traverses the city. Regardless of whether you’re looking to take an open-air run braving the snow in the cool months or need to take a relaxed bicycle ride by the water, there is something for everybody. Even better, it’s totally free.

As a beginning, look at the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. With 51 miles of trails for walking and biking, it presents the ideal test for all wellness levels.


Sports: For any avid supporters, Minneapolis is a fantasy city. With the significant ball, baseball, and football crews, fans have their pick of the part. Ticket costs change significantly between these games. Here is a fast breakdown of the normal ticket costs for each group:

  • Minnesota Lynx: $65
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: $104
  • Minnesota Twins: $73
  • Minnesota Vikings: $137

Some Minneapolis groups have been steady entertainers over the recent years, while others on the ascent. There’s a great deal to anticipate in Minneapolis sports in the following not many years.


Shopping: A customer’s heaven? A family entertainment station? A spot to get a decent bit of food? The Mall of America is all of this and then some.

As the biggest shopping center in the nation and among the greatest on the planet, there’s no deficiency of exercises to do at the shopping center. These exercises include visiting the Nickelodeon Universe, spending a day at the aquarium, or catching another flick at the cinema.

In any case, customers are going to get the most value for their money when they visit the shopping center. Housing more than 520 stores, the shopping center is the spot to find anything from the freshest tech to flawless writing material. Anything that’s on your list of things to get, you’ll certainly find it there.


Other Expenses to Consider in Minneapolis Minnesota


With regards to making the transition to another city, it pays (straightforwardly) to know precisely what you ought to hope to pay in the alleged “stowed away costs” of Minneapolis.

However these costs are definitely not confidential, individuals regularly miss them while budgeting. They can leave individuals scrambling to take care of the startling costs.

Here are some different costs to consider in Minneapolis.

Charges: Taxes can be difficult to work out. However, DEED assesses that a single individual will settle up to $399 in charges month to month.

Childcare: Raising a family can be hard on your ledger. This is generally because of childcare costs, which in Minneapolis can be just about as much as $1,557 each month for an entire day of private childcare.

Internet and Phone Service: Both are currently viewed as essential living necessities. Overall, the cost of internet administration alone is around $60. In any case, that will increase when you improve administration.


What Salary Do I Need to Live in Minneapolis Minnesota?


Your salary is very important in determining if you can afford the cost of living in Minneapolis Minnesota. The yearly absolute costs for a single individual in Minneapolis are around $34,827, which comes out to pay off around $16 each hour.

According to the philosophy by which this information was assembled, this sum addresses “a living that addresses essential issues for wellbeing and security.” You don’t have to utilize this metric alone to determine whether you’ll be financially steady in Minneapolis.

The setup guideline is to observe the 30% guideline. This standard expresses that an individual shouldn’t pay over 30% of their pre-charge income toward housing costs.

The middle lease for a one-room loft in Minneapolis is $1,114. This implies that an individual should make essentially $3,342 month to month or $40,104 yearly to live easily in Minneapolis.

Remember, this is basically a guideline. On the off chance that you’re looking to reduce expenses, a studio condo or a flatmate can assist you with saving large on a great loft. Simply ensure you put in the effort to find an extraordinary flatmate.




Minneapolis is a genuinely incredible city with such a great amount to adore. From the recreation area framework to the entertainment openings, there’s genuinely something for everybody. That’s why we took our time to discuss the cost of living in Minneapolis Minnesota in this article, to help you determine if it’s best for you to relocate from your current residence to Minneapolis.



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