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Experience Review: Cost of Living in Michigan vs Texas

This article will be discussing all there is to know about the cost of living in Michigan vs Texas, to help folks in search of a comfortable home determine which is better suited for their lifestyle, with respect to their income.


With its focal area, social variety, absence of state income charge, and ample open positions, many view Texas as a more profitable spot to live in than Michigan. Be that as it may, there is still a lot of adoration about Michigan, as it gives admittance to both unassuming community and metropolitan living and is one of the most lovely states in the country.

Besides each state’s interesting benefits, how would they pile up as far as the cost of living? The cost of living index in Texas is 93.9, meaning it is around 6% more reasonable to live in Texas than the public normal (100). Michigan, then again, has a cost of living index of 89.6, so it is fundamentally more reasonable than both Texas and the public normal.

The middle cost of a home in Texas is $243,600, which is around 16.5% not exactly the public normal of 291,700. In the interim, the middle home cost in Michigan is $207,800 – around 15% not as much as in Texas.


Cost of Living in Michigan vs Texas


Besides middle housing costs, how about we investigate the examination between the cost of living in Michigan vs Texas, using the assistance of the under listed points;

  • Housing Market in Texas vs Michigan
  • Home Prices in Texas vs Michigan Comparison
  • Rent Prices in Texas vs Michigan
  • Taxes in Texas vs Michigan
  • Transportation Costs in Texas vs Michigan
  • Entertainment & Random Costs in Texas vs Michigan


Housing Market in Texas vs Michigan


This is one of the most important aspects in the comparison between the cost of living in Michigan vs Texas, and the first we will be discussing. You can’t relocate from your current residence if you don’t have a house to live in or afford to buy one in the city you’re moving into.

At the point when you consider the way that Texas’ middle home cost is near $244,000, it is more costly to buy a home here than in the territory of Michigan. However, with Michigan’s middle home cost of almost $208,000, you’ll just wind up spending around 17% more for a house in Texas.

Throughout the span of the previous year, Texas home estimations have increased by roughly 8.5 percent. A restricted inventory of homes is the major contributing element to the ascent in costs. Truth be told, there are fewer homes available to be purchased in Texas right now than any time during the most recent twenty years.

Texas, similar to a significant part of the nation, is experiencing an exemplary instance of organic market lop-sidedness. Homes that are available are receiving numerous offers in view of the appeal, with a significant number of them selling for higher than the asking cost.

In both Texas and Michigan, it is a great opportunity to sell a home yet home purchasers are facing more contests and greater costs than ideal. Notwithstanding, even with the increase in home costs, it is as yet less expensive to buy a home in Michigan than in Texas.


Home Prices in Texas vs Michigan Comparison


Middle home costs at last boil down to the particular city and district that you live in, varying a considerable amount across both Texas and Michigan. The table beneath outlines probably the most notable urban communities in Texas and Michigan, alongside their related middle home costs:


City Median Home Price
Houston, TX $220,000
Austin, TX $551,200
Dallas, TX $259,800
Grand Rapids, MI $228,000
Detroit, MI $68,600
Ann Arbor, MI $475,000


As purchasers contend, homes in Michigan are getting increasingly costly. Be that as it may, more reasonable housing remains a benefit to settling in Michigan over Texas. Nonetheless, it’s critical to take note that, costs do fluctuate depending on the city you live in one or the other state. For instance, while most Texas urban areas have costs underneath the public normal, the middle home cost in Austin is more than $550,000. The equivalent is valid for Michigan, as most urban areas are beneath the public normal yet puts like Ann Arbor are above.

While there might be a few urban areas in both Texas and Michigan that have higher home costs than other U.S. states, housing costs are as yet around 22% in Michigan than in Texas.


Rent Prices in Texas vs Michigan


When comparing the cost of living in Michigan vs Texas, it is important to always consider the rental cost of living in the city especially if you are unable to afford to buy a permanent house in the meantime. Somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2020, normal month-to-month rent diminished in 12 U.S. states, and Texas was among them.

With a state-wide normal month-to-month rental cost of $1,045 per month, leases in Texas urban areas will in general pattern below the public normal. In any case, rent can fluctuate impressively dependent on where you reside in the state. For instance, the city of Flower Mound has the most costly lease in the state at $1,685, while Brownsville’s rental rates are the most reasonable at just $730 each month.


All things considered, the following table outlines the normal month to month lease for a portion of the different urban communities all through the province of Texas:

City Average Rent
Houston, TX $1,205
Austin, TX $1,619
Dallas, TX $1,383
San Antonio, TX $1,151
Fort Worth, TX $1,273
Irving, TX $1,303


In the U.S, there are 21 expresses that have normal rents under $1,000 per month. With a widespread normal month-to-month lease of $871, Michigan is viewed as a reasonable spot for leaseholders to live. As a rule, expresses that have the most minimal rental costs additionally ordinarily have probably the least in general costs of living, which certainly remains constant for Michigan.

However, lease shifts dependent on where you live in Michigan. For instance, Allendale has the most costly rates in the state, at $1,611, yet Flint condos are the most reasonable, just $629 each month.


The table beneath shows a more complete glance at the normal lease you can expect in a portion of Michigan’s most notable urban areas:

City Average Rent
Grand Rapids, MI $1,238
Detroit, MI $1,163
East Lansing, MI $1,369
Lansing, MI $964
Ann Arbor, MI $1,710
Southfield, MI $1,134



Taxes in Texas vs Michigan


There are some remarkable contrasts between the tax expenses in Texas versus the taxes in Michigan, portrayed in detail beneath.


State Income Tax: One of the benefits of living in Texas instead of Michigan is the way that there is no state income tax. Indeed, the state is among a limited handful in the U.S. that don’t have an individual income tax. This implies that paying little heed to your income level, when expense season rolls around you don’t need to record a state income government form or pay any tax on your income in Texas.

You do, be that as it may, in any case, need to document a government income assessment form and pay your bureaucratic income tax yet nothing is needed at the state level.

Michigan, then again, has what’s known as a level income tax framework. This implies that paying little mind to your income level, all income workers pay 4.25% of available income. For states with a level assessment, this is perhaps the least rate. However, some Michigan urban areas additionally gather their own income tax ranging from just 1% to as much as 2.40% for inhabitants. For non-inhabitants that work on those spaces, you should pay a large portion of the private rate.


Sales Tax: At simply 6.25%, Texas’ minimum sales tax rate is to some degree unobtrusive. However, when you factor in all the additional city and region charges imposed across the express, the most noteworthy sales tax rate you could pay in Texas is 8.25%. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and a large portion of the other significant urban areas in Texas have the greatest sale tax rate.

In contrast to Texas and most different states in the U.S., there is no city or region sales tax in Michigan. There is just a level sales tax rate. This implies that regardless of where you are in Michigan, you will pay a similar 6% in sales tax. The rate is lower than most different states in the locale and there are various products that are not burdened, like food, prescriptions, and papers.


Property Tax: Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Texas or Michigan, you really want to consider local charges. In Texas, property tax rates are probably the most elevated in the country. The state’s normal viable property tax rate is 1.69%, meaning Texas mortgage holders pay a staggering 1.69% of their home’s estimation in Property tax every year. By and large.

Property Taxes in Texas has been a long-standing issue among state and nearby legislatures. While numerous agents have attempted to restrict the rates previously, most urban communities and districts go against this is on the grounds that local charges are an essential kind of revenue for certain spaces.

Like Texas, Michigan has the absolute most elevated Property tax in the U.S. Inhabitants of the Great Lakes State pay a normal viable pace of 1.45% of their home’s evaluated esteem in local charges every year. Since properties are surveyed and burdens are gathered at the nearby level, how much local charges paid shifts a lot starting with one region then onto the next. For instance, Leelanau County’s viable local charge rate is simply 0.87%, yet Wayne County’s is 2.35%.


Taxes in Texas vs. Michigan Comparison


State Income Tax Sales Tax Property Tax
Texas None 6.25% – 8.25% 1.69% (average effective rate)
Michigan 4.25% flat rate (state income tax)
0% – 2.40% local income tax)
6% 1.45% (average effective rate)


Transportation Costs in Texas vs Michiga


While Texas has a greater expense of living generally, transportation is one region where you’ll really see cost savings. Transportation costs include costs like gas costs, new vehicle buy costs and public transportation costs. The transportation cost index in Texas is 103.3, which is higher than Michigan’s transportation cost index of 115.1.

Albeit the two states are over the public normal, in view of the table beneath, you can anticipate less expensive public transportation, more reasonable vehicles, and lower gas costs in Texas than Michigan.

Cost Factor Texas Michigan
Gallon of gas $2.15 $2.51
Monthly public transit pass $45.92 $46.48
Taxi trip in downtown (approx. five miles) $14.26 $17.80
New Volkswagen Golf $22,016 $23,029


Entertainment & Random Costs in Texas vs Michigan


Below is a table to compare entertainment and other miscellaneous costs of living in Michigan vs Texas to help you on your relocation journey, this especially is if you are usually a put-going person or love to indulge in some other activities frequently to keep yourself busy.

Cost Factor Average Price in Texas Average Price in Michigan
Monthly local gym membership $33.11 $34.01
Movie ticket $10.01 $10.70
Pack of cigarettes $6.85 $7.71
Domestic beer (1 pint) $3.77 $3.85
Cappuccino (mid-range area) $4.15 $4.01
Pair of running shoes $70.86 $74.07
Fast food combo meal $7.25 $7.36





To wrap This up, If you’re looking To relocate from your current residence to Michigan or Texas, you now know the cost of living in Michigan vs Texas when being compared. It’s time to move over to the next step in your relocation journey, which is to find a good real estate agent to help find a place for you to live in.



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