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Cost of Living in Maine vs Texas 2022 : Unbiased Comparison

In this article we will be comparing the cost of living in Maine vs Texas, to help you better determine which of the two states is better suited for your lifestyle. Relocating can get really difficult and complicated especially when you move into a city without really know what you are in for.


Not to worry we’ve got you covered, by the end of this article I hope you will be able to make a decent choice between Maine and Texas, which is better suited for your lifestyle.

Maine is an extraordinary spot to settle down with its excellent sea sees, delectable lobster, and beautiful fall foliage. You’ll cherish exploring the cute classical shops, which are viewed as the absolute best in the country. Maine additionally has the most reduced crime percentage of any state, so you’ll have a solid sense of reassurance living there. The main genuine disadvantage of the Pine Tree State is that it’s the 6th most costly spot to live in the country.

Texans have a great deal of pride in their home state, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why. Texas has about six top-performing sports groups and mouth-watering food like brisket, tacos, and Whataburger. There are social attractions in abundance, including the Alamo in San Antonio and the Space Center in Houston. Texans are otherwise called the absolute most amiable individuals in the nation, so you’ll feel appreciated in the Lone Star State.


Cost of Living in Maine vs Texas 2022


To assist you with deciding if moving to Maine or Texas is the right financial choice, we will be discussing the under listed outline compare the cost of living In Maine vs Texas;

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Medical services
  • Transportation
  • Taxes
  • Expenses in Maine vs Texas Comparison


Cost Of Housing Maine vs Texas


Albeit the general cost of living in Maine is on the high side, housing is really reasonable. Homes sell for around $236,000 overall, which is almost $35,000 not exactly the US middle.

In any case, housing costs can change broadly depending on what part of Maine you choose to settle down in. Housing in Portland costs practically twofold the public normal with an unobtrusive home costing $475,000. Falmouth, which is only north of Portland, is much more costly. Homes cost $675,000 by and large.

Assuming you’re willing to live outside of the city, your housing costs will drop generously. Shower is around 35 minutes from Portland and has homes accessible for $250,000. Homes in Sanford are likewise reasonable and cost somewhat not exactly the public normal at $260,000.

Home costs in Texas are well beneath the public normal, so you’ll have the option to move to the Lone Star State without blowing your spending plan.

The normal home just costs $241,100, putting homeownership within reach. Notwithstanding, to move to a profoundly positive region like Austin or Frisco, you might need to spend upwards of $400,000 to get into your fantasy home.

Assuming you’re a tenant, you’ll be glad to hear that the normal loft just costs $1,045 each month. Yet, that number might differ to some degree depending on where you decide to reside.

In more modest towns and urban areas, it’s feasible to find more ideal arrangements. Waco, for instance, has a middle lease cost of just $862 each month. In any case, in a bustling city like Austin, you could pay $1,280 each month or more in lease.


Cost Of Utilities Maine vs Texas


On account of the long, cool winters, Maine has the 10th most elevated utility costs in the country. You can hope to pay around $464.45 each month for gas, water, power, internet, and link, which is almost $42.37 more than the US middle.

You’d think that Texans would have out of this world energy costs from running their cooling units throughout the mid-year. Be that as it may, they really pay not exactly the public average and have the nineteenth least expensive service bills in the nation according to a new report. While the normal American burns through $422.08 on link, water, power, and petroleum gas, Texans just compensation $409.78.


Cost Of Groceries Maine vs Texas


Maine occupants have the third most elevated staple bills in the country. The normal single individual burns through $4,115 on regular food items yearly, which is almost $1,500 more than the US middle.

To attempt Maine’s well known lobster rolls, you’ll likewise need to spending plan some cash for eating out. The normal feast at a quick easygoing café costs $15, while a supper for two at a mid-range diner costs $60. Mainers burn through $2,932 every year on eating out, bringing their absolute yearly food costs to $7,047.

According to MIT, a single individual living in Texas needs to financial plan around $264.75 each month for food. Families with kids have essentially higher food costs and should save basically $603.16 each month.

Urban areas like Austin and Dallas are known for their exuberant café scene, so you’ll presumably need to eat out on the ends of the week. According to Business Insider, Texans ordinarily burn through $221 each month on café dinners notwithstanding their ordinary basic food item bill.


Cost Of Medical Services Maine vs Texas


Medical services is a very important aspect of the comparison between cost of living in Maine vs Texas, as illness is inevitable. We always have to pay for medical bills to stay healthy.

Mainers burned through $5,860 per individual on medical services in 2020. That is almost $1,000 more than the public normal. Here is a full breakdown of where that cash went:

  • $1,156 on inpatient administrations
  • $2,070 on short term administrations
  • $1,017 on physician recommended drugs
  • $1,617 on techniques

Nonetheless, your all-out clinical costs might differ depending on where you reside. For instance, the normal cost of a gallbladder evacuation medical procedure in Rockport, Maine is $10,257. In Presque Isle, which is just shy of four hours away, the method costs almost twofold. That is the reason it’s critical to get some information about the cost of inpatient administrations early and search for non-pressing operations to find the best cost.

In 2020, the normal Texan spent around $6,110 on medical care throughout the year, which is marginally higher than the public normal of $5,900. Here is a full breakdown of where the cash went:

  • $1,957 for systems
  • $1,196 for solutions
  • $1,205 for inpatient care
  • $1,752 for short term care

Albeit clinical consideration is somewhat more costly in Texas, the low utility costs and reasonable housing costs more than compensate for it.


Cost Of Transportation Maine vs Texas


Generally speaking, Maine is a reasonable spot to claim a vehicle. It’s the least expensive state for vehicle insurance, which costs just $862 yearly. Maine likewise has a sub-optimal vehicle deals expense of $2,104.

Nonetheless, you’ll pay somewhat more than the public normal for gas and vehicle local charge, which cost $1,234 and $918 each year, individually. You’ll likewise need to factor in maintenance and fix charges, which cost a normal of $354 each year, in addition to title and enlistment costs, which are $35 each.

All things considered, you can hope to spend around $13,192 on your vehicle in the principal year of possession subsequent to accounting for devaluation.

Except if you move to a major city like Dallas or Austin, you’ll presumably require a vehicle to get around. With transportation costs, Texas sits in the pack — it isn’t the most costly spot to possess a vehicle, however it isn’t the least expensive by the same token.

Gas costs will more often than not be low, which will save you a normal of $146 each year. Yet, insuring a vehicle in Texas costs more than the public normal at $152 each month, so it’s generally a wash. In light of everything, you can hope to pay around $3,181 each year to utilize and maintain your vehicle.

In the event that you’re planning to purchase a vehicle once you migrate to Texas, the cost will rely upon where you live. In El Paso, utilized vehicles cost 8% more than the public normal, making it the 6th most costly spot in the country to purchase a used car. In any case, in the event that you’re willing to head to Austin or San Antonio where vehicles cost not exactly the US normal, you might have the option to score a decent arrangement.


Cost Of Taxes Maine vs Texas


Maine is likewise on the more costly side with taxes. The powerful state and neighborhood taxation rate is 11.81%, which is 9.33% higher than the public normal. Mainers spend an aggregate of $6,792 each year on tax, with $2,585 going to local tax.

Inhabitants additionally pay income tax at a pace of 6.5% on income somewhere in the range of $5,200 and $20,899 and 7.95% on income of $20,900 or more.

Also, Maine taxes an overall deals duty of 5.5%. Yet, remember that you’ll pay a higher duty pace of 8% on pre-arranged food varieties and 10% on momentary auto rentals.

Texas is one of eight states without an income tax. There’s no bequest tax either, which makes it an extraordinary spot to spend your brilliant years. In any case, you might in any case be dependent upon government domain charge assuming that your retirement fund is worth more than $11.7 million.

Texas doesn’t have a state-level local tac, however you should pay expenses to your neighborhood government. According to The Balance, Texans pay one of the greatest local taxation rates in the country at 1.81%. Charges are evaluated dependent on your home’s estimation. So assuming you own a $200,000 house, you’d owe $3,620 each year. Fortunately, there are local charge exclusions that might assist with reducing your assessment bill.

Texas additionally has a far-reaching deals duty of 6.25%. Be that as it may, since territories can include their own duty top of it, you could wind up paying however much 8.25% in certain pieces of the state. One silver lining is that Texas has a couple of days in the mid-year when deals taxes doesn’t have any significant bearing. So assuming that you make your enormous buys then, at that point, you’ll save a decent lump of cash.


Expenses in Maine vs Texas Comparison


Expanse is a very important aspect when comparing the cost of living in Maine vs Texas, you need to know your daily expanse to determine which is better suited for your lifestyle.

A new report showed that the cost of living in Maine is the 6th most elevated in the country. Maine inhabitants burn through 91.3% of their income on costs, which is around 10% more than the public normal. In spite of the fact that homes and vehicles are really reasonable, high food, medical care, and duty costs can make it harder to get by in Maine.

Texas State experiences its standing as quite possibly the most reasonable place to settle down. The cost of living in Texas is around 8% below the public normal. Despite the fact that you’ll pay more to live in metropolitan regions, the cost of living in significant urban communities like Austin and Houston is as yet 2-3% below the US normal.




In conclusion, we compared the cost of living in Maine vs Texas To help you make the best decision on your relocation journey. Nonetheless, Maine is a very expensive state to live in when being compared with Texas, but whatever decision you make on which of the states you move into will depend solely on your income and your lifestyle.



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