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What Is The Cost of Living in Houston vs Austin

 Knowing the cost of living in Houston vs Austin is a very important aspect which we will be discussing in this article. If you are interested in moving to Texas and wondering which is better suited for your lifestyle between Houston and Austin, you’ve come to the right place.  City contentions are normal in the United States. Individuals might want to know which city offers the most effective way to inhabit a more sensible rate.


The urban communities consistently set in opposition to one another are Houston and Austin. They are two extraordinary urban communities in America with various things to do and investigate. In this examination, Austin is the best spot to live in contrast with Houston.

Austin and Houston being only two and half hours separated will astonish you of their dissimilarities. However, they are like a whole other world when you analyze. Living encounters are preferred in Austin over Houston. Texan city has many central issues proving that it is superior to Houston.


Cost of Living in Houston vs Austin


Here are some central issues of examination in the comparison between the cost of living in Houston vs Austin:

  • Houston vs Austin Comparison
  • Job Opportunity
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Groceries
  • Crime Rate
  • Climate


Houston vs Austin Comparison


Houston is the energy capital, while Austin is a music goliath city. They offer distinct available resources to carry on with day-to-day existence. They additionally draw in varying characters and demography. Austin is better in cleanliness, wellbeing, green spaces, and open-air exercises. Making Austin a superior city contrasted with Houston.

On the opposite side, Houston is more reasonable than Austin. There is less expensive land in Houston than in Austin. It has a lower standard cost of living, also. Size is exceptionally distinct between the two, as well. Houston is a huge city with a populace twice greater than Austin. You will feel a major town vibe in Houston contrasted with Austin with a modest community kind of energy. Austin can create greater local area-driven connections. Houston, on this end, is ideally suited for large metropolitan occupants.

Houston is a megapolis comprising 33 more modest urban areas. You would expect that there are more accessible spaces in Houston than in Austin. Individuals are more associated in Austin; they are probably going to assemble connections. You have a greater opportunity to get quality living in Austin than in Houston, in such a manner.

Considering the nature of living and kinship between these urban areas, Austin is better. The city of Austin can oblige both family and youthful professionals. It offers a superior nature of living contrasted with Houston.

It is more expensive to live in Austin than in Houston. There is an 11.2% difference between the two cities’ cost of living. You can save more in Houston than living in Austin. Since Houston is a bigger city, the median income is also higher than in Austin. Houston employers pay a higher rate compared to Austin.

Another downside, of course, is housing costs. Real estate in Austin is higher than in Houston. Since Austin’s city is smaller and the population is higher, more people will compete to space rate.

Here is the breakdown of the comparison in terms of cost of living in Houston vs Austin:

  • Consumer prices are 1.2% lower than in Houston.
  • Rent is 9.2% higher in Austin compared to Houston
  • Food and restaurant price is 26.5% higher in Austin than in Houston
  • Groceries are 4% lower in Houston compared to Austin.


Job Opportunity


Job Opportunity is an important aspect of the comparison between cost of living in Houston vs Austin, especially if your aim pc moving is to search for a job on the city. In this viewpoint, the two urban areas can be practically identical. Austin and Houston offer a serious work market. Houston is more centered around the energy, clinical, finance, and airplane business. The industry given by Houston draws in more individuals to move to the city. It offers variety and wide determinations of vocations to look over. The city is likewise home to development organizations like Transworld, Humphries, and Linbeck.

On the opposite side, Austin is cutthroat, also. Numerous tech goliaths have offices in Austin. You can see Dell, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, and Google in the city. The equivalent with San Francisco, the tech industry is booming in this piece of the United States. Austin is a spot to pick to work in innovation and manufacturing. The city draws in numerous youthful professionals who need to begin a vocation in tech.


Real Estate


The two urban communities give incredible living spaces. Dissimilar to large urban communities like NYC, these urban communities have extensive houses, yards, and huge interiors. You will cherish how you can embellish your home in these urban communities, too. You will have more opportunities to move around Austin and Houston houses than those critical urban areas.

In the part of the housing rate, Houston is less expensive. Considering that it has a bigger land region, it has more accessible land spaces than Austin. The rate in Houston is around $185,000, while Austin can go up to $285,000. Austin’s populace increased by practically 22%, while Houston just increased by 10%. It is the motivation behind why Houston has less expensive land. Considering that the city has more prominent spaces and slow populace development.

Since there is higher populace development in Austin, the housing contest is tight. It has higher possibilities of house estimation going up than in Houston. In any case, assuming you are looking for a drawn-out stay and need to carry on with a great life, Austin is a superior choice.




Despite the fact that Austin gives you to a greater degree a modest community vibe, it will entertain you throughout the entire year. Austin has a lot of celebrations consistently, making the city more appealing. The music in Austin is great, as well. There is a lot of unrecorded music at different scenes or spots in Austin. Any place you go, artists are performing.

Houston, nonetheless, brings a ton of exhibitions and historical centers to the table. The craftsmanship scene in this city is excellent and worth exploring. You can take a visit to different exhibition halls in the city. It has the Menil Collection Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.




You won’t ever go hungry in the two urban areas as there is a lot of food to look over. Austin is home to grill puts that offer rich grill dishes. You will see individuals wanting to experience the best Austin grill. There are wonderful Tex-Mex decisions in Austin, also.

Houston has a wide scope of decisions, as well. The city offers Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, and significantly more. Since it is a more assorted city, food choices contrast, too.


Crime Rate


Austin and Houston are the two urban communities in Texas. They are two of the significant urban areas in Texas and reliably contrasted with one another.

As far as wellbeing, Austin is more secure than Houston. According to the report made by the FBI, it positioned 21st among the 24 urban areas of Texas. We can say that Austin is an extremely protected city, considering that it is at the lower part of perilous urban communities in Texas. It is somewhat an accomplishment being the most un-risky city in Texas. The report likewise showed that the homicide rate in the city is lower than in Houston, Dallas, and even San Antonio. The regional administration of Austin reliably centers around harmony and request. Subsequently, it is providing its residents with the highest level of solace and security they merit.

In any case, Austin isn’t generally so wonderful as the information shows. Despite the fact that it is the most miniature perilous city in the territory of Texas, wrongdoings persevere. There are still events of rough wrongdoing in the city. There is even an increase in savage wrongdoing in Austin.

The authority ought to likewise be paying consideration regarding this. Despite the fact that it is one of the most un-perilous urban communities, the increasing rate ought to be of critical concern.




Texas is famously hot and considered the best among the provinces of America. It has the most sultry summers and certain individuals find its climate insufferable. You can expect that Austin and Houston are both hot urban communities in Texas, also.

Austin is in the deserts and moist districts of the American Southeast. The climate condition in this city is vigorously impacted by its geology. Hence, it is experiencing a moist subtropical environment with long and sweltering summers. It additionally has gentle winters, warm springs, and a wonderful fall season.

Despite the fact that the city has four seasons, summer in Austin is more famous. You can feel sweltering summers in the city between July and August. The mid-year can reach up to 32 °C for over 90 days or over 116 days. It is intolerable, particularly when you are coming from a chilly city.

On the opposite side, Houston is a hot city, also. It additionally encounters a sticky subtropical environment like that of Austin. Its temperature is normal, particularly in the towns close to the Southern United States. Not at all like Austin that main encounters warm summers, Houston has tempests. It is additionally being visited by cyclones making the city hazardous.

Summer is more limited in Houston than in Austin. It just has 106 days of summers contrasted with 116 days of summer in Austin. However, both experience a similar level of hotness during the late spring season.

Stickiness in Houston is more obvious than in Austin. With this kind of dampness condition or mugginess, you can feel that Houston is more sweltering than Austin.

With summer and stickiness combined, summer in Houston is more agonizing. It additionally recorded the most noteworthy temperature of 43 °C. It is an exceptionally scorching warm summer individuals can’t appear to neglect. Assuming that we are talking about seasons, Houston likewise displays four seasons, and it has gentle winters.




Pitting two Texan urban areas against one another is by all accounts significantly simpler. However, among the cost of living in Houston vs Austin, we found that they have distinct attributes and ought to be given specific consideration. By the end of this article, I hope you can now make a better choice between Houston and Austin which will be better suited for your lifestyle.



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