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Cost of Living in Florida vs Dallas Texas

Regardless of being a couple of states away, Texas and Florida are really comparable, and in this article, we will be comparing the cost of living in Florida vs Dallas Texas. They have a warm climate, their coastline borders the Gulf of Mexico, and you don’t need to pay an income charge either place.


In any case, there are many contrasts in cost and different variables that might influence you without a doubt. Assuming you don’t know which state is for you, look at Texas vs. Florida.

Think about everything from housing and schools to seashores and assessments. Consider living in a major city or an unassuming community, on the coast or inland. Determine to manage typhoons or other significant tempests.


Cost of Living in Florida vs Dallas Texas


To help you determine if Texas or Florida is the best place for you to live, we will be comparing the cost of living in Florida vs Dallas Texas using the following aspects listed below;

  1. Overview of the Cost of Living in Florida vs Dallas Texas
  2. Rental Costs
  3. Utilities
  4. Groceries
  5. Transportation
  6. Taxes
  7. Income
  8. Business
  9. Climate
  10. crime
  11. Medical services
  12. Schools



Overview of the Cost of Living in Florida vs Dallas Texas


The cost of living can fluctuate in the two states depending on assuming you live in a major city or a modest community. A cost of living index from mid-2022 set Texas in the fourteenth spot with a normal of 92.3 where 100 is normal.

Florida sits in the 29th spot with a general score of 100.7. While neither one of the states is in the best 10 for generally reasonable, they likewise aren’t excessively costly.

Nonetheless, you ought to think about certain urban communities and towns in the two states. You might find that a city where you need to reside in Florida is less expensive than a city you need to reside in Texas.

Texas is a lot greater than Florida both as far as populace and size. Its capital is likewise more focal, so it is more straightforward to access from a large part of the state.

The two states have a lot of large urban communities just as humble communities. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas each have more than 1,000,000 individuals, and Austin is close with a north of 950,000. More than 40 urban areas have somewhere around 100,000 individuals in Texas.

None of the urban communities in Florida have north of 1,000,000 individuals. Jacksonville has around 890,000, while Miami comes in runner-up with more than 454,000. Different urban communities with in excess of 100,000 inhabitants include Tampa, Orlando, and St. Petersburg.


Rental Costs


To purchase a house, you can lease. Think about the Texas vs. Florida cost of living for a leaseholder.

In Texas, you can hope to pay $1,045 on normal for a condo. Tenants in Florida will pay around 10% more with a normal lease of $1,175.

The two rates are basically the same as the normal rental cost across the United States, which is $1,098. Texas comes in under that number, meaning it’s more reasonable than Florida.




Utility costs likewise matter while answering, is it less expensive to live in Texas or Florida? The previously mentioned general cost of living index records various classes, including utilities.

In Texas, the utility score is 103.3, so utilities cost more than the public normal. Florida utility costs come in under Texas with a score of 103.1.

On account of the by and large hotter climate, you can anticipate higher utility costs in the mid-year in both Texas and Florida. Nonetheless, the northern spaces of the two states might need to pay for some heating during the winter.




That equivalent cost of living index likewise separates the normal cost of food in each state contrasted with the others. A normal basic food item bill in Texas has a score of 91.2, so it comes in significantly less expensive than certain states.

Tragically, food in Florida costs more than the nation’s normal. That classification gets Florida a score of 106.9, meaning your bill will cost practically 16% more in Florida than Texas.

Assuming you like to eat out in Texas, you can hope to spend about $14 per supper per individual. A dinner out in Florida will run you generally $19, around 25% more.




Transportation in Texas costs around 9% not exactly the public normal, with a score of 90.9. In Florida, you’ll pay somewhat more than normal since the score is 101.7% for that state and class.

Getting around the two states can be hard, yet Texas can be particularly troublesome. It can take you north of 10 and a half hours to get from El Paso to Houston, for instance. In any case, Miami to Pensacola is still a serious drive at just shy of 9.5 hours.




Another examination you might need to make is in the cost of living in Florida vs Dallas, Texas tax rate. Whether or not you rake in boatloads of cash, your taxes can affect your cost of living and generally speaking financial plan.

Like different states, Texas and Florida have exceptional assessment frameworks. Assuming you’re looking to move from an alternate state, you might find you get a good deal on expenses, or you may spend more on them.

In any case, your general taxation rate in Texas is around 8.19%, while in Florida, it’s 6.97%.

Consider a few kinds of duties and how Florida and Texas handle them. Then, at that point, you can gauge the amount you’ll need to make good on in charges assuming you move to a specific state.




Luckily, Texas and Florida are two expresses that don’t charge an income expense to occupants. That implies you’ll just have to cover government income charges.

Your income duties will rely upon your income, and the government charge framework has various sections. All things considered, assuming you move from an express that charges state income charge, you can set aside cash regardless in the event that you move to Texas or Florida.




To do business as your own boss, you should look at Texas vs. Florida for owning a business. The two states rank in the first and second spots for the best states for business proprietors, however Texas somewhat destroys Florida.

Numerous elements make these states incredible for starting a business. Obviously, the absence of a state income charge implies you can place more cash into your organization. What’s more since Texas doesn’t charge a local charge, you can set aside cash by investing in business property.

The low deals assessment and normal cost of living are likewise useful. That way, you don’t need to battle financially while you get your business going. At the point when you do become fruitful, you can stay with your running in one or the other state.




The climate is an incredible motivation to move to Florida since you’re bound to get more sunshine there than in Texas. Notwithstanding, Florida is additionally substantially moister, and rain can go back and forth for the duration of the day.

Texas can get similarly as warm as Florida, however, the stickiness isn’t exactly as high. In any case, the northern piece of the state, for example, in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, can get cold in the winter. It may not get as cold as northern states, yet it merits considering.

The last year has given the two states a considerable amount of climate change, so Texas vs. Florida climate isn’t quite as basic as it use to be. In any case, Florida will in general be without a doubt hotter than Texas, which might be a positive or negative thing depending on the individual.

Florida is additionally in a more high-hazard place than Texas with regards to storms. Presently, Texas isn’t invulnerable to typhoons, particularly on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Be that as it may, it’s simpler to keep away from typhoons in Texas than in Florida.

However, certain pieces of Texas can likewise encounter cyclones. Some of them can be really damaging or in any case problematic to your day.




This is a really important aspect in the comparison between the cost of living in Florida vs Dallas, Texas.

Florida comes in the 21st spot with regards to the states with the most crime. The crime rate is around 384.9 per 100,000 individuals, which is near the public normal. In 2018, it had the third-largest number of murders in a single state.

Urban areas, similar to Florida City, Lake City, and Opa Locka are the absolute most hazardous urban areas cross country with regards to crime.

With regards to crime, Texas is somewhat more hazardous than Florida. The state comes in at number 17 with a fierce crime rate of 410.9 per 100,000 occupants. It had 1,322 homicides in 2018, simply above Florida.

Texas comes in at fifth spot for the quantity of incarcerated individuals per capita. Florida is in the fourteenth spot for that measurement. That implies the appropriate response is yes to know, Does Florida have less crime than Texas?


Medical Services


Moving back to certain costs identified with living in Texas vs. Florida, there’s the cost of medical care. This can include specialists’ visits, remedies, strategies, and anything else that assists you with taking into consideration of your wellbeing.

The cost of living index wellbeing score in Texas is 94.5, so it’s simply more than 5% more affordable than the public normal. At 98.6, Florida is additionally under the public normal. However, it’s not exactly as reasonable as medical services in Texas.




When your children arrive young, consider assuming that one state has preferred schools over the other. With regards to secondary schools, you should realize how schools and states rank broadly.

For instance, Florida is the sixth spot with 50 schools (8.3%) ranking in the top 5% of all schools in the country. Texas attaches with Illinois for the nineteenth spot and 7.2% of the state’s schools rank in the top 5% generally speaking.

That rundown contains 110 secondary schools across Texas, so a lot more than Florida. All things considered, Texas has more individuals, so it’s a good idea that there’d be more schools.




Comparing the cost of living in Florida vs Dallas Texas is significant whether you need to move between states or from elsewhere. While the two states are about normal as far as the cost of living, Texas is marginally less expensive. From an absence of income and Property tax to more fluctuation in climate, you can’t turn out badly with Texas.


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