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Cost of Living in Arizona vs Texas – Review From Experience

In this article we will be discussing on the cost of living in Arizona vs Texas, to determine which is a more expensive or cheaper city to live in, based on the different aspects of lifestyles of individuals in the city.


This is so as to help you make a suitable decision should you want to relocate to any of the States in the U.S, which of the States is better suited for your lifestyle.

While Arizona offers beautiful dusks, a sweeping desert scene, and all-year daylight, Texas is midway found, socially different, and has various open positions. Assuming that you’re attempting to migrate and can’t conclude whether Texas or Arizona is better for yourself as well as your family, the average cost of living in Arizona vs Texas is a significant thought. In many cases, it is the main factor that individuals use to conclude whether they need to reside in one spot versus another. All in all, how do these two states stack up as far as the average cost for basic items?

The typical cost for basic items recorded in Texas is 93.9, which means it is around 6% more reasonable to live in Texas than the public normal (100). Arizona, then again, has a typical cost for basic items list of 102.2, so it is more costly than both Texas and the public normal. The middle cost of a home in Texas is $243,600, which is around 16.5% not exactly the public normal of 291,700. In the interim, the middle home cost in Arizona is $349,300 – around 43% higher than in Texas.


Cost of Living in Arizona vs Texas Explained


Aside from median housing prices, let’s examine the cost of living in Arizona vs Texas, which is better suited for your lifestyle, by examining the cost on different aspects listed below;

  • Housing Market in Texas vs. Arizona
  • Home Prices in Texas vs. Arizona Comparison
  • Rent Prices in Texas vs. Arizona
  • Taxes in Texas vs. Arizona
  • Transportation Costs in Texas vs. Arizona
  • Entertainment & Random Costs in Texas vs. Arizona


Housing Market in Texas vs. Arizona


The housing market is an important aspect to consider when analyzing the cost of living in Arizona vs Texas. At the point when you assess the way that Texas’ middle home cost is near $244,000, it is considerably more reasonable to buy a home here than in the province of Arizona. Indeed, you’ll wind up spending practically half on a home in Arizona, with a middle home cost of almost $350,000.

In the course of the last year, home estimations in Texas have moved by around 8.5 percent. The major contributing variable to the ascent in costs is a restricted inventory of homes. Truth be told, there are fewer homes available to be purchased in Texas presently than at any time throughout the most recent twenty years. The state, similar to a significant part of the U.S., is experiencing a market interest unevenness. Homes available are additionally getting numerous offers, with a large number of them selling for more than the original asking cost.

Like Texas, housing costs in Arizona have soared somewhat recently. In any case, deals are starting to diminish and with a reduction popular, the costs might stick to this same pattern as the inventory of homes available to be purchased goes up. While the circumstance in both Texas and Arizona favors dealers, it is, apparently, perhaps the best ideal opportunity to purchase a home in Arizona – as the home loan rates are the most reduced they’ve at any point been. Notwithstanding, the opposition and higher home costs are as yet not great.

Notwithstanding, even with the higher middle home costs, it remains more reasonable to buy a home in Texas than in Arizona.


Home Prices in Texas vs. Arizona Comparison


Middle home costs are eventually founded on the particular city and area that you live in, varying a lot across both Texas and Arizona. The table beneath features of probably the most notable urban areas in Texas and Arizona, alongside their particular middle home costs:


City Median Home Price
Houston, TX $220,000
Austin, TX $551,200
Dallas, TX $259,800
Phoenix, AZ $346,100
Tucson, AZ $271,800
Scottsdale, AZ $673,400


Right now, Phoenix has one of the most sizzling housing markets in the country. It has recuperated superbly from the droop that happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic yet the interest for homes is at an unequaled high. Homes in Phoenix are selling quickly, with generally half selling for over the original asking cost. A similar circumstance is occurring in numerous other Arizona urban communities also.

Notwithstanding, more reasonable housing is viewed as a huge benefit of living in Texas over Arizona. Obviously, homes are a little expensive in places like Austin, yet assuming that you decide to get comfortable urban communities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, middle home costs are in reality much below the public normal.

While there might be some Texas urban communities that have higher home costs than other U.S. states, housing costs are as yet around 28% less expensive than in Arizona.


Rent Prices in Texas vs. Arizona

From 2019 to 2020, the normal month-to-month lease dropped in 12 U.S. states, with Texas being one of them. With a statewide normal rental pace of $1,045 every month, lease in Texas urban areas will in general pattern below the public normal. Nonetheless, rental costs do shift a lot depending on where you reside in the state. For instance, the city of Flower Mound has the most costly rental costs in the state at $1,685, while Brownsville’s rental rates are the least expensive at just $730 each month.


So, the following table underneath shows the normal month to month lease for a portion of the different urban communities in Texas:

City Average Rent
Houston, TX $1,205
Austin, TX $1,619
Dallas, TX $1,383
San Antonio, TX $1,151
Fort Worth, TX $1,273
Irving, TX $1,303


With an average state-wide rent of just $1,052, Arizona is known as one of the more affordable places to live for renters. Though, like Texas, the actual rent you pay will vary depending on the Arizona city you live in. For example, Scottsdale is the most expensive place to rent with an average rent of $1,914 per month. Whereas, the most affordable city to rent in Arizona in Tucson, with an average monthly rent of $1,115.


Refer to the table below for a more comprehensive understanding of the average rental prices you can expect in some of Arizona’s major cities:

City Average Rent
Phoenix, AZ $1,408
Tucson, AZ $1,115
Tempe, AZ $1,750
Scottsdale, AZ $1,914
Mesa, AZ $1,383
Avondale, AZ $1,493


Taxes in Texas vs. Arizona


This is another important aspect for consideration when analyzing the cost of living in Arizona vs Texas. There are some distinct contrasts between the assessments in Texas versus the expenses in Arizona, underlined in detail underneath.


State Income Tax: Fortunately, one of the many advantages of living in Texas is the way that there is no state income charge. It is among a chosen handful of states in the country that have no close-to-home income charge. This implies that whether you’re a specialist, legal advisor, instructor, land mogul, or caretaker, when duty season rolls around you don’t need to record a state income government form or pay any assessments on your income in the province of Texas. You do, in any case, actually need to document a government income assessment form and should pay your bureaucratic income charges – yet nothing is needed at the state level.

Arizona, then again, has state income charge rates that are sub-optimal. Like government income charges, rates depend on income sections. Arizona has four all-out income charge sections, with rates that reach from as low as 2.59% to as much as 4.50%. This essentially implies that you pay depends on the amount you make.


Sales Tax: At simply 6.25%, Texas’ base deals charge rate is generally unobtrusive. However, when you include all the extra city and region charges charged across the express, the most elevated deals charge rate you could pay in Texas is 8.25%. Sadly, most significant urban areas in Texas – like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio – do arrive at this business charge limit.

Like Texas, you should pay both state and nearby charges on your buys made in Arizona. The state has a lower base rate than Texas, at simply 5.60%. Nonetheless, when you consider every one of the neighborhood burdens, Arizona’s normal rate is 8.4% and you could pay as much as 11.20% in deals charge depending on where you’re at in the state. This is the eleventh most elevated normal deals charge rate in the country.


Property Tax: Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Texas or Arizona, you should consider the local charges. In Texas, local charges are probably the most noteworthy in the country. The state has a normal powerful local charge pace of 1.69%, meaning Texans pay 1.69% of their home’s estimation in local charges every year. This means the normal Texas mortgage holder paying a staggering $3,390 in local charges every year. Texas local charges have been a long-standing issue among state and nearby legislatures. While a few agents need to restrict local charge rates, most urban areas and regions oppose this thought, as the local charges are their essential type of revenue.

Arizona, nonetheless, compensates for its high deals charges by having probably the most reduced local charges in the country. The normal compelling rate in Arizona is 0.62%, which is far beneath the public normal of 1.07%. While the rate differs depending on the city and province you live in, no Arizona area has a local charge rate that is higher than 1.01%.


Taxes in Texas vs. Arizona Comparison


State Income Tax Sales Tax Property Tax
Texas None 6.25% – 8.25% 1.69% (average effective rate)
Arizona 2.59% – 4.50% 5.60% – 11.20% 0.62% (average effective rate)


Transportation Costs in Texas vs. Arizona


When moving to Texas or Arizona, transportation is another significant cost you should consider. Arizona needs public transportation at the state level. It is instead dealt with by individual offices all through the state. Assuming you live in a significant metropolitan region in Arizona, you can set aside some cash by selling your vehicle and choosing to depend on open transportation.

With Texas being a particularly sprawling state, you’ll probably profit from having a vehicle. Nonetheless, this will add to higher transportation costs. Texas’ transportation cost index of 103.3 and Arizona’s transportation cost index of 107, costs like gas costs, new vehicle buy costs, and public transportation costs are more reasonable in Texas than in Arizona.

Cost Factor Texas Arizona
Gallon of gas $2.15 $2.72
Monthly public transit pass $45.92 $57.40
Taxi trip in downtown (approx. five miles) $14.26 $14.25
New Volkswagen Golf $22,016 $24,148



Entertainment & Random Costs in Texas vs. Arizona


Cost Factor Average Price in Texas Average Price in Arizona
Monthly local gym membership $33.11 $30.67
Movie ticket $10.01 $10.45
Pack of cigarettes $6.85 $8.32
Domestic beer (1 pint) $3.77 $4.33
Cappuccino (mid-range area) $4.15 $4.57
Pair of running shoes $70.86 $74.40
Fast food combo meal $7.25 $8.13




In conclusion, If you’ve gone through this article thoroughly, all questions you may gave had about what is the cost of living in Arizona vs Texas must have been answered. If you’ve come to a decision between Texas and Arizona, which is a suitable state to relocate to, based on your lifestyle, then you can now move to the next phase in your journey. Which is to find a good real estate agent in your city of choice.



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