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Best Bridal Shower Games – Bridal Shower Games And Activities

Are you looking for bridal shower games?  We’ve got lots of ideas for you! From the tested and trusted traditional games of old to create new takes that are sure to become very popular, these games offer up an avalanche of fun for everyone, from your close pals to your family members.


In this article we outline for you the best bridal shower game(s) and activities, although games at your bridal shower are not absolutely necessary, they’re a tradition for a reason, bridal shower games help your closest pals get to know one another, celebrate the couple, and ensure the party is a fun time for guests of all ages.


Best Bridal Shower Games To Play


  • Locate the Guest

Locate the Guest is an awesome game that is good for the beginning of your bridal shower, it acts as a wonderful ice breaker to get guests interacting. Each person present is given a checklist containing characteristics of guests like which attendee has been married ten years or longer, speaks a foreign language, is wearing blue shoes, etc, and must circulate the room to find a guest who matches each one. Everyone will have fun going around the room and interacting with guests.


  • Musical Matching

Play a music-matching game that pulls wedding songs from the couple’s extended families. At the shower, display wedding photos from the to-be-weds parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, and siblings. Then, have guests try to match the photo of each couple with their first-dance song. Play a slideshow with the correct songs (shortened, for time) and award the guest with the most matches a musically themed gift.


Bridal Shower Games


  • Tie the Knot

To round out our list of unique bridal shower games, we had to include a game of tying cherry stems into knots. Give each guest a little bowl of cherries and see who can tie the most knots with cherry stems in two minutes. For a little extra fun, soak the cherries in vanilla vodka overnight.


  • Bride and Groom Photo Challenge

Guests will love this fun wedding shower game that features favorite photos of the bride and groom! Print images of the bride and groom at various ages. Download and print our game setup pages, along with a guessing sheet for each guest. Attach the game tile, and each photo along with a number on a bulletin board or poster board. Hand out a guessing sheet and pen/pencil to each guest and have them guess the age of the bride or groom in the photo! Whoever guesses the most correct, wins.


  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt

An interactive scavenger hunt will get guests up and on their feet while getting to know one another better in a relaxed yet competitive setting. It’s an especially good idea if you’re hosting a coed shower. If the event is in the couple’s hometown or an appropriate location, clues like “This is where the couple had their first date” or “This is where the couple shared their first kiss” is usually a fun place to start.


  • The Newlywed Game

One half of the couple answers questions about the relationship (“Who paid on the first date?”), which their partner has responded to on a pre-recorded video. Then, someone plays the clip with their partner’s answer to see if they match. Nosy guests and oversharers will love this one, but remember, there is such a thing as too much information—so keep it (relatively) clean.


  • Paper Bride

Guests divide into teams of three or four. One member of each team is the model; the others construct a wedding dress using toilet paper. The models strut; the bride picks their favorite look. Pro tip: Use triple-ply.


  • Who Makes the Best Cocktail?

Set up a full bar, label all ingredients with cards, and have teams compete to concoct the best wedding cocktail. The bride can then choose their favorite drink, and the team chosen gets bragging rights at the bar.


  • Who’s Memory?

There are a ton of treasured memories within a room of BFFs. Have everyone write down one of their favorite memories they have with the bride. Put the memories in a basket and have the bride read them aloud. Then, the guests can guess who each memory belongs to.


  • Cold Feet

Place a bunch of toy rings inside buckets or bowls of ice water. Guests must plunge their feet into the icy water and pull the rings out with their toes. Whoever can get the most rings out in two minutes wins.


  • Celebrity Wives

Gather the names of your favorite celebrity wives and then write each name on a single index card. Ask each guest to tape a card to their forehead no peeping! and then have the other guests describe the person on the card until everyone guesses their celeb status. Who wouldn’t want to be Beyoncé for a day?


  • Fantasy Date

Each guest writes the name of their dream celebrity date on a card. Everyone tries to match the date with the guest. For a more advanced game, have guests fill the other side of the card with their celeb date from hell; you have to guess not only who wrote it but also which side is which.


  • Bride and Groom Trivia

Challenge the wedding shower guests to see who knows the bride and groom best! This game simply requires a printable trivia page and pen/pencil for each guest. Download and print/copy as many pages as you need. Have the bride and groom fill one out with the correct answers so the host can use it as a guide to see who answered the most correctly.


Hilarious Bridal Shower Games


If you’re looking for some hilarious bridal shower games to keep your guests engaged, we’ve got you covered below! We included a mix of games to buy as well as those that use just what you have on hand. Most of these ideas also make amazing


  • Childhood photo challenge


Your friends will love this game, featuring the childhood photos of the couple. Not only is it fun, but they will also see the pictures of the couple when they were kids.

The game rules are simple. The host prepares a board with the pictures of the couple and adds numbers to them.

Share the guessing card and a pencil with the guests and ask them to guess the ages of the brides in the photos. Which guest gets the most accurate answers wins.


  • A poem for the bride

Another funny little game that the guests can play when the brides open their wedding presents. It keeps the guests entertained, and everyone will have fun in the end.

One of the guests should start by writing a poetic sentence about the brides. Then she should pass the paper to the next guest to write the next line of the poem.

Each guest should only see the previous line of the poem to write a corresponding sentence. As soon as the poem is ready and all the gifts have opened, the party host should read it out loud.

It is so interesting to find out what the final poem will look like. Will it be a romantic one or a funny one?


  • Memories with the bride


Before you start the gift opening part of the bridal party, ask your guests to write down the best memory they have with the brides. Each guest should read that memory while the brides open their gifts.

You can also play this game at small group parties while keeping the social distancing.

It is interesting to see what the best memories of the guests with the brides are. They can be sentimental, funny, or touching.

To add a little extra spice, you can ask the brides to tell if those memories were the best for them. After the party, store all of the memories in a beautiful box so you can read them when you feel like it.


  • Bridal scavenger hunt


The scavenger hunt is a perfect idea for a bridal shower game. No matter the ages of the guests, it is always fun to play!

The host should prepare a list of items that most likely can be found in a ladies’ bag. After handing in the cards to the guests, the game will start.

Start to call out the item, and which guest will find that item in her purse, should show it to the group. After everyone sees it, she can check it off of her list.

The winner will be the one who will have the most items crossed out after all the item names are out. The item names can be lipstick, eyeglasses, smartphone, etc.


  • Put a Ring on It

This is one of those fun bridal shower games that you’ll play all party long. Each guest gets a plastic ring to wear at the start of the shower. Whenever a guest says “bride” or “wedding,” another guest is allowed to steal that person’s ring. Whoever ends the bridal shower with the most rings wins.



Alternatives To Bridal Shower Games


If you want to celebrate who’s already having another bridal shower thrown or you just want to alternatively do something out of the box rather than going through the traditional bridal shower well I suggest you look at some of our alternatives to bridal shower games.


  • Battle of the sexes wedding shower

If you have competitive friends, you know they’ll have fun with a friendly trivia contest or athletic games, you can get some interesting games from your favorite TV shows, have a softball game or do a classic field day game like a three-legged race or frizzy bee. You can also have a dance contest, a bake-off. Just make sure guests are aware of the activities so they come prepared to have fun.


  • A honeymoon shower

If the couple has a honeymoon registry, throw them a bridal shower that is all about their future fun after the wedding. It doesn’t matter where they are spending their honeymoon, tie in the decorations, invitations, and music to their big trip. You can make simple invitation cards asking guests to dress in vacation-friendly clothing. Drinks and food are also vital to this since they’ll help guests get in the spirit


Bridal Shower Games


Social Distancing Bridal Shower Games


Bridal shower games don’t have to be thrown in person, in fact hosting a virtual event via group video call using facetime, skype or zoom can just as fun or you can limit your number of guests in this age of social distancing. Below are some fun ideas for your bridal shower games while observing social distancing.


  • Newlywed Trivia

Collect interesting or ridiculous information about the couple, then ask guests to guess the answers to your questions. Consider typing out a multiple-choice quiz you can grade as guests eat cake, or conduct a Jeopardy!-inspired live competition where guests vie to be the first to shout the correct answer. Questions can range from easy for fewer points to hard for more. Include questions like, “Where did the couple meet?” or “Who said ‘I love you first?”


  • Who’s That Couple?

Make color printouts of celebrity couples and leave one at each place setting. Ask guests to identify both people in the photo. Don’t make it too easy the less obvious the better.


  • Wedding Word Scramble

List off scrambled words associated with the couple, the bride, and the wedding. Whichever guest ca

  • Bingo Gift Game

Download and print blank bingo cards for each guest. Have the guests fill in the blank squares with wedding gifts they think the bride will receive. During gift opening, guests mark off their bingo cards as gifts are opened. The center square with the heart is a free space. Give guests a small sheet of heart stickers or a pen to mark off the squares. The first guest with five in a row wins.




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We hope you have gotten all you need from the article as we put together a variety of the most engrossing and fun activities to have at bridal shower games.

They will engage and entertain your guests, and at the end of the day, you will have a lot of fun.

Not only will everyone have a great time together, but they also will get to know each other better.

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