Birthday Party Order Of Service

Birthday Party Order Of Service – Birthday Party Order Of Events For Adults

Do you want to know about the birthday party order of service? Do you want to find out how do you draft a birthday programme? How about if you want to know how do you host a good birthday party? How do you plan a birthday party at home? I bet you wonder why the questions, but they help you to understand better.


We all know the issues that come with getting the perfect order of service for a birthday party. The dilemmas, the confusions, and there is the downright possibility that you do not even know what to do, or how to go about things, which is totally frustrating.


But do not worry. We got you covered, through this article. We will be resolving every issue that comes with the topic by relying on the answered frequently asked questions on the subject matter. This step will help us do more effectively, with respect to explaining everything necessary about the subject.


How Do You Host a Good Birthday Party?


We know hosting a good birthday comes second to a birthday party order of service. However, you may be able to get an idea or two from an already hosted birthday party, which will guide you on how you can get your own birthday party order of service.


Birthday Party Order Of Service


Hosting a birthday party entails a lot of necessary steps and we shall be looking at them briefly. Do you want to host the perfect party? Then look no further, as we shall be showing you how you can go about it. It is not rocket science or space studies for you to host a birthday party, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Distribute info about the party. Keeping your guests in the know about your incoming birthday party is very important. It allows you the chance to get your intentions across to them. The response you get, as well as the number of invitations, will help you determine the number of guests that will be coming. Where you cannot determine the number, it will lead to poor planning and ultimately ruin your birthday party.


  • Plan a budget. After finding out who and who will be at your party, move on to plan a budget for the birthday party based on the number of these guests. It is important that your budget is definitely something feasible, which can be enough to cater for every expense that will be carried out at the party. Ensure that you take this seriously, and actively comply with it.


  • Ensure that you create a theme. Most people take for granted the essence of a theme for a birthday party. Themes generally express your intentions for the party, and how you generally feel about the party. You can convey your theme by simply expressing it, or just impliedly through the type of clothing or costume, or the colour which you can ask the guests to appear on in the invitation.


  • Give out a memorable statement. Words have massive effects on people. Both written and spoken words; the right word can spark a flame or quench a bonfire. You should keep this at the back of your mind, that in addition to creating a theme, come up with a catchy word that would make your guests remember your party long after it is over.


Birthday Party Order Of Service


How To Prepare a Birthday Party Order of Service


As we said, you can actually get a good birthday party order of service idea from a birthday party that has already been hosted. In the next paragraphs, we shall be showing you how intensive this birthday party hosting above has enabled us to come up with a good birthday party order of service.

An order of service is necessary to enable you properly plan your birthday party properly. Various events are properly executed because of the presence of a coherent order of service. Most people feel that birthday parties are not that ‘serious’ enough to warrant an order of service.

However, maybe that is the reason why most of the birthday parties have not ended on a good note. To avoid a similar situation, it is advised greatly that you get yourself a proper order of service. To properly execute a birthday party order of service, follow the steps below:


  • Party order 2-3 months before the birthday party

At this time, you should have chosen your party theme. Also, you are required to have had multiple time and date options for the event. Book an event venue of the birthday party. Make arrangement for entertainment for the birthday party. And, make your guest list to determine who is coming for the party.

  • Party order 1 month before the birthday party

Having settled whatever might have been an ambiguous decision within the first few months, you have a few lighter decisions to do for your birthday party when it is just a month away. Here, you are to send out the invitations to the guests on your guest lists. Order drinks and beverages. If you can afford it, hire a chef to help with the cooking. Then, hire some event staff to help with other aspects of the planning.

  • Party order 1 week before the birthday party

This is when you have to put some finishing touches to the birthday party preparation. You would be required to order the baked food that will be served that day, including your cake. Also, you are required to follow up on the RSVP from the guests. And, for exposure and publicity, start a hashtag for your birthday party.

  • Party order 1 day before the birthday party

Go for grocery shopping to get stuff that may be needed the following day. Pick up your baked food orders. Prepare tip jars for your staff that helped you with the planning. And, ensure that your event space is as good as it ought to be for the big day.

  • Event day order

On that, dress to completely impress. You are the centre of attention, so capture and hold that attention. Ensure that you have purchased ice for the drinks. If your birthday party is at an outdoor centre, make your plans based on the weather forecast. Lastly, after the day, ensure that you tidy up the place.



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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for the birthday party order of service? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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