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Best Small Towns in Texas To Raise a Family

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation and has probably the best small towns in Texas to raise a family. The combination of low housing costs, ample work openings, and lack of a state income tax has made Texas the new outskirts.


All the new people moving to the Lone Star State have one burning inquiry: “Where would it be a good idea for me to raise my family?”

We scoured many diverse city rankings, and the following 10 urban communities have much of the time sprung up on list after list. Using parameters including crime percentage, work openings, school rankings, and overall family-friendliness, these urban communities reliably ranked high. Moving along, here are the top ten best places to raise a family in Texas.

An accomplished labor force and a high population of military veterans aided Schertz, Texas in ranking in the top 30 safest urban communities in Texas based on a concentrate by Safewise. The San Antonio suburb also ranked in the top 20 of most family-accommodating urban communities in Texas on Nerdwallet (a platform for checking out the livability ranking of cities). With a population of around 33,000 and some magnificent schools in the area, Schertz is a great place to raise a family assuming that you’re moving to the San Antonio area.


Best Small Towns in Texas to Raise a Family


Listed below are 10 of the best small towns in Texas to raise a family, we will also be explaining to you what makes each of these places such wonderful cities to raise a family.

  1. Cedar Park
  2. Flower Mound
  3. Lagos Vista
  4. Hutto
  5. Plano
  6. Fredericksburg
  7. Frisco
  8. Sugarland
  9. Friendswood


Cedar Park


Cedar Park is on the northwest side of Austin, and being so close to Texas’s biggest boomtown is a big advantage for the small suburb. It is the first on our list of the best small towns in Texas to raise a family. Austin’s metro rail runs directly into Cedar Park, giving its citizens fast access to the downtown area, and its proximity to tech giants such as Dell, Samsung and Apple make it a fantastic place for those in the tech industry to live. In addition, Cedar Park was listed as the tenth safest city in the state of Texas by Safewise.


Blossom Mound


Families who value education will cherish the Dallas/Fort Worth suburb of Flower Mound, which has exemplary schools. Six local schools have been given the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. In addition to that, it has been called the fourth safest city in the state, and with its booming Lakeside business area, occupations are ample. With your safety assured along with the education of your kind, coupled with the fact that Blossom Mound isn’t such an expensive city to live in, I think it is alright to consider the city as one of the best small towns in Texas to raise a family.


Lago Vista


Lago Vista is located on the north shore of Lake Travis near Austin. Its occupants maintain an extremely exclusive expectation of living. The median annual income in the area is around $78,000, and a majority of inhabitants hold school or graduate certifications. Lago Vista has an amazing educational system, and boasts state level awards in the band, theater and baseball.




With its low understudy to-teacher ratios, low crime percentage, and a short drive to Austin, Hutto is easily perhaps the best place to raise a family in Texas. Located Northeast of Austin in Williamson County, Hutto is near the tech center point of Texas’ capital city while also maintaining the safety and tranquillity of rural suburbia.




Ranked number two on a Livability rundown of best places to raise a family in America, Plano has a ton going for it. This Dallas-area suburb has great schools, and many corporate headquarters, for example, Snapple, Cinemark and Dr Pepper afford families some spectacular business openings. Plano also ranked #1 on a Forbes rundown of the safest urban areas in America.




Aside from being the peach capital of Texas, Fredericksburg partakes in an understudy-to-teacher ratio as low as 12:1, and a joblessness rate as low as 4.3%. Fredericksburg is settled in the Texas Hill Country and boasts rolling green slopes and lovely vistas, alongside its low crime percentage.




One of Texas’ fastest-growing urban areas, Frisco has been cast a ballot one of Money Magazine’s top 100 places to reside in America. The median age of Frisco inhabitants is 33, and the median income is $108,000, with houses hovering in the $250,000 range. Frisco was also ranked on Safewise’s rundown of 50 safest urban areas in Texas.




Again and again, Sugarland, Texas has sprung up on arrangements of best places to raise a family in the Lone Star State. Business openings abound in the southwest Houston suburb, which is home to another Texas Instruments facility, is the corporate headquarters of Minute Maid, and obviously, the hometown of Imperial Sugar. Sugarland also ranked in the top 25 safest urban areas in Texas, and boasts a stellar educational system to educate its constantly growing local area.




Located south of Houston off I-45 is Friendswood another one of the best small towns in Texas to raise a family and the last on our list. So named for its Quaker pioneers, Friendswood has been casted a ballot probably the best place to raise a family in Texas on various ranking records and even got number five on a rundown of best family urban areas in America by the magazine Family Circle. The south Houston suburb also snagged the number three spot of safest urban communities in Texas, and with ample positions in the innovation field and oil and gas industry available, Friendswood is the ultimate family-accommodating city in Texas.




Raising a family isn’t an easy task, it needs a good and safe environment to ensure you don’t always have to be worried about the safety of your family. With all we’ve discussed in this article, if you are looking to relocate to Texas with your family, I’m convinced you’ve got all you need to choose the best small towns in Texas to raise a family.


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