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Best Bachelor Party Favors – Bachelor Party Gifts

A Bachelor party is a great way to bring the groom’s closest friends together and create new memories with the groom-to-be ahead of the wedding.  If you’re planning a bachelor party for a very special guest of honor, it can be quite tough. But not to worry. You are about to know the best bachelor party favors for a perfect party.


Best Bachelor Party Favors

Before the groom-to-be embarks on his next journey with his partner, a bachelor party presents the opportunity to create a thrilling new experience on a

a memorable day, night, or weekend for the groom and his closest friends.


In this post, we have put together some of the best ideas for bachelor party favors, bachelor party ideas, bachelor party gifts, and bachelor party decorations.You will also get to know ways to amp up a bachelor party with less, graphic decor such as balloons, confetti, banners, and more.


1. Road Trip

First on our list of bachelor party favors is a road trip. Take a trip that everyone will remember such as a road trip across the United States or an itinerary around your guest of honor’s favorite cities. A stop at a National Park or two can be included to take in the scenery.


2. Skydiving

This bachelor party favor can be a tough and crazy idea. It is not for the faint of heart and can give everyone the thrill of a lifetime. So, if you guys have what it takes,  deepen your bond with the groomsmen with this mind-blowing experience. Skydiving is quite safe, you simply have to have the balls for it.

Before going up in the plane, jump training is conducted, therefore you may have to plan to commit more than just one day for this to happen. Tandem is the most common jumping experience, as you’ll be strapped to a trained professional. Though the costs vary, the average is around $250 per person.


bachelor party favors


3. Paintball

Paintball is another exhilarating bachelor party favor on our list. No doubt, every boy grew up playing army or playing with toy guns while running through the backyard or woods or even within the house. Paintball offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to revisit their childlike wonder.

It’s also a great way to have fun, release energy, and work together as a team to win the game and aspire for the bachelor event


4. Get Out To The Sea

If the groom or any of the groomsmen has proximity to a lake, then this idea is one of the best things to do for a bachelor party. Rent a yacht, a pontoon boat, or a sailboat and get away for the day. The cost of a watercraft itself is between $150-$350 for a 6-hour run, and if none of the Groom’s party has a license, a captain usually comes along with the package. There’s an added approximately $75 per hour to stay safe and sound.

If there is a free entire weekend to celebrate, book a cruise. For about $300 per person, you and your groomsmen can spend an entire weekend with delicious food on demand, more activities, and no stress.


5. Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas is another great idea we have included as a bachelor party favors. Plan a trip to Las Vegas and treat the groom-to-be to a memorable bachelor party. Go to interesting places such as the casinos and take in the sights. Las Vegas is a city full of entertainment and wonder and with a great experience whether you want to celebrate in the style of The Hangover or opt for a more laid-back party.


6. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is another great bachelor party favor. Whether you are an experienced rafter and just new to the sport, white water rafting combines a sense of danger and excitement with a whole lot of fun.


7. Bar Crawl

If you’re planning for a bachelor party and no one wants to try an extreme sport like skydiving or white water rafting, then a bar crawl is okay. A bar crawl is a fun way to get everyone together for a night of laughter and a few drinks. To plan this, take a weekend trip to a favorite bar away in a city the groom has always wanted to visit.


8. New York City

New York is another popular bachelor party favor destination that’s different from Las Vegas. The Big city has something for everyone, so whether you’re planning to take in a Broadway show or experience the nightlife with the groomsmen, New York is a great location for a memorable weekend.


9. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is another extreme sport you can do with the groomsmen for a bachelor party favor. If you guys are adventure seekers, it’s a great idea. It is also a thrilling way to start off the day before relaxing for the afternoon and engaging in any other activity.


10. Laid Back BBQ

Sometimes one of the best bachelor party favors to celebrate the groom’s upcoming wedding is to keep it low-key by gathering his family and best friends for a relaxed backyard BBQ. This involves good food, good drink, and good company.

You can plan your BBQ bash and take it up a notch by renting a beach house for the weekend and hosting in luxury. This can be a fun and simple way to bring everyone together if the groom’s partner isn’t having a separate bachelorette party.


11. Sporting Events

Even if you’re the groom and groomsmen are sports lovers, then tickets to a top sporting event can make a great pre-wedding gift and are an excellent bachelor party favor. If possible, plan to upgrade the party’s tickets or combine the event with a bar crawl for a memorable bachelor party evening.


12. Winter Sports Getaway

Hitting the slopes is another great option for a bachelor party favor. Weekend hill passes range from $50 to $75 and you will also have to rent skis, boots, and come prepared for the weather.

It’s also important to be prepared with a light shirt, a light jacket, a sweater, and a full winter jacket and ski pants. The idea is to dress in layers.

If you and the boys are seeking a higher level of adventure, consider helicopter skiing. The costs range from $100 to $1000 depending on your destination, but this involves a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain and mostly a very luxurious chalet waiting at the bottom. If you have the budget, this bachelor party favor can be quite an experience that you won’t soon forget.


Our Best Bachelor party gifts

Though bachelor party gifts are not mandatory, it is quite thoughtful and of good manners. As a guest or groomsman, you can bring a gift that can be used during the party, such as a gag gift or novelty item. Some guests bring food, even alcohol or even party games or. If you know the bachelor well enough or he is a very close friend, you can think of a token gift to bring to the party.

Below are some ideas of popular bachelor party gifts, to help you buy a gift for the groom.

1. Gag Reel

If the groom enjoys a good laugh, you could make a slideshow or funny video of some of the groom’s funniest or “most embarrassing” moments. The point of this will be to entertain, and not to humiliate. Therefore, be thoughtful and do not include anything that would embarrass the groom or make him feel uncomfortable.

If you have the right software, you could make this at home or get it made via an online video or photo site such as Shutterfly or Free Prints. This is one of the common ideas of bachelor party gifts.


2. Bachelor Shirts And Bachelor Hats And The Like

You could always purchase novelty items such as hats, shot glasses, shirts, and the like.

Below are some great ideas for classic gifts for the bachelor party:

  1. Bachelor Hats: You can easily find baseball caps or hats on sites such as  Etsy or Ebay, or Amazon. You can also have them personalized to mark the event of the day.
  2. Shot Glass: Since everyone loves a shot glass, getting the groom a commemorative shot glass for the groom’s bachelor party is a unique and thoughtful gift.
  3. Bachelor Shirts: A personalized t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt is a very classy idea for a bachelor party gift. A shirt could even be purchased along with a matching hat and personalized for the groom.
  4. Engraved Keychain: Another great commemorative gift is a personalized keychain with the groom’s name and the date of the bachelor party.


3. Classy Gifts

If a classy gift is what you are planning as a bachelor party gift, you can bring something like a bottle of champagne and a set of wine glasses.

Below is a list of some classy gifts:

  1. Wine or Champagne: Bringing a bottle of wine or champagne to a bachelor party It is always classy. You can indirectly ask the groom or ask around to find out his preference.
  2. Beer Mug: Another classy gift for the groom is an engraved beer mug.
  3. Wine or Martini Glasses: A set of wine or martini glasses for the groom is also a classy and thoughtful gift.
  4. Shot Glasses: Personalized shot glasses with the bachelor’s name and the date of the party are another fun gift that can be bought and used at the party!

Bachelor party decorations


Bachelor party favors won’t be complete without bachelor party decorations. Here are some bachelor party decorations that will add a festive and fun touch to your celebration’s home base.


1. Face Confetti

The guest of honor will be pleased to see confetti adorned with his face.

2. Team Groom Balloons

Get some balloons and spell out that you’re on “team groom” with a balloon banner of any color. This makes a great addition to your bachelor party decorations no matter where you’re celebrating.

3. Casino Balloon Garland

Whether you’re celebrating in Atlantic City or Vegas or just going with a casino party theme in a hotel room or rental house, a DIY balloon garland will add a festive touch.

4. Photo Backdrop

If you plan to incorporate a photo booth into your bachelor party, then a customized photo backdrop will make those pics look great.

​5. Mr. Balloons

Balloons are a no-brainer when it comes to bachelor party decorations. It is also one of the most common bachelor party decorations.

6. Letter Board

A felt letter board to welcome guests to the bachelor party is a nice bachelor party decoration idea. And during the night, should things get a little crazy, the letters can be easily changed around.

7. Light-Up Sign

A light-up version is another cool idea. The groom can proudly display it at home after the big event.

8. Custom Face Sticks

Create personalized face sticks with the groom’s face. Have the boys surprise him when he enters the party by holding up the personalized face sticks. He will surely find it funny and cool!

​9. Mustache Balloons

If the guest of honor has an obvious mustache, mustache balloons will make the perfect bachelor party decorations.

​10. Custom Sign

A custom sign is another great choice for an easy personalized bachelor party decoration.

11. Face Banner

Last on the list of bachelor party decorations is a face banner. It is another great way to feature the groom-to-be’s photograph in something like a custom banner.



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And that’s it. The best bachelor party favors you need to know. From the ideas, gifts, and decorations, you have everything you need to plan a memorable bachelor party.


If you have got any bachelor party favors that interests you the most, let us know in the comment below.

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