baby shower book instead of card wording

20 Best Baby Shower Books Instead of Card Wording

An expectant mom and dad receive gifts and love during a baby shower. It’s also a chance to bring gifts for the new baby. However, a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is giving baby shower books instead of card wording.


Though word cards are nice, children’s books are special and can be enjoyed by the baby for many years. As a loved one or guest who wants to express good wishes to the mom-to-be, bringing a book instead of a card for baby showers is the new and popular norm. We’ve detailed a guide on everything you need to know about baby shower books instead of card wording.


You’ll get to know what bringing a book baby shower means, how to set up a book baby shower, how to ask baby shower guests to bring a book instead of a card, and what to write inside a baby shower book.


What is a Bring a Book Baby Shower?

This is a unique baby shower idea whereby the host requests books instead of cards with the baby gifts. The books are inscribed by the guest with a little message and their name and can be used to build a baby’s library.


baby shower book instead of card wording


Cards may be read once and discarded, but favorite childhood books given as gifts in a baby shower will be used for a long time. If it’s a virtual baby shower, the book can be sent directly to the expectant mom and dad who will cherish and read them to the new baby.


How to Set Up a Book Baby Shower

It’s very simple to set up a book on baby showers if you like the idea of having guests bring baby shower books instead of word cards. You will simply need to create an invitation that includes a kind message requesting guests to bring a book instead of a card for the baby shower.

If you would like for guests to bring books as an expectant mother, talk to anyone planning the event. If invitations have already been sent out, a witty message can be created to let guests know.

Templates for “bring a book” baby showers invitations include funny poems to ask guests to bring books instead of cards and personalized invitations if you’re feeling creative. To come up with ideas, you can search Google, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.


How to Ask Baby Shower Guests To Bring Books Instead Of a Card


A separate piece/card in the baby shower invitation is often included to request books from guests.

Below are 6 different options to add to yours.


NOTE: Original authors are unknown.


  1. Books For Baby

One small request that won’t be too hard…

Please bring a book instead of a card.

By signing your book we’ll remember and share

Your special gift, even when you’re not there!


  1. Please Bring a Book (instead of a card)

Whether it’s Cat in the Hat or Winnie The Pooh.

You can sign the book with a note from you!

By signing the book we will remember and share.

This special gift from you even when you’re not there.

Your book will be cherished well-loved or brand new.

Please don’t feel obligated, we’ll leave it up to you!


baby shower book instead of card wording


  1. Baby’s Library

Instead of a card, we have one small request:

Please bring a book that you like best.

We hope you write a special line or two,

So that each time we read it, we think of you!


  1. Books for Baby

A small request for you, we hope it’s not hard.

Bring a book for the baby, instead of a card.

It doesn’t matter if it’s well-loved or brand new.

Either way, your book will remind the baby of you.

Please write a small message on the inside cover.

And your words will be cherished forever and ever.


  1. Books for Baby Please

Peter Rabbit or Mother Goose,

Goodnight Moon or Dr. Seuss.

Just one small request,

And we hope it’s not too hard.

Please bring a book instead of a card.


  1. Let’s Stock Baby’s Library

Instead of bringing a greeting card, please write your wishes in your favorite children’s book for the baby to cherish forever.


What to write inside a baby shower book?

If you’ve decided to bring baby shower books instead of word cards for the baby shower, you can write your own message on the cover. The space inside the cover can be used to write a sweet note of love, encouragement, and well wishes for the new parents.

It is recommended you include the date of the shower (or the year), your name and a short note for the baby.  The baby will grow up and be able to read the book in a few years, so you can as well write directly to the baby.

You can also do a Google search for a nice quote to inspire children or use your favorite quote. If the baby shower book you’re giving is one of your own favorites, reference your favorite part of the book or write about the memories the book brings for you.

Below are some writing prompts that can help you find the right words.


  1. Explain Why The Book Was Chosen

“I read this to my son/daughter..”

“This is my favorite book because..”

“I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do..”


  1. Provide Some Life Advice

“Like the hero of this story, I hope you learn xx “

Include a quote:

“The more that you read,

The more that you learn.

The more things you will know,

The more places you’ll go”

  • Seuss
  1. Be personal

“Remember, Grandpa loves you!”

“I am so happy to be your Uncle, I love you so much!”


  1. Wish the baby well

“I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world”



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There is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about baby shower books instead of card wording.


If you have any baby shower books instead of cards that interest you the most, let us know in the comment below.

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