70TH Birthday Party Ideas

Best 70TH Birthday Party Ideas – How To Plan 70th Birthday Party

Do you want to know the best 70th birthday party ideas? Do you want to find out what is the colour for your 70th birthday? Do you want to know what is the traditional gift for your 70th birthday? Or do you want to find out whether or not is 70 an important birthday? We shall be discussing all these in detail through this article.


You may wonder what else can be celebrated for someone who clocked 70 years of age, or you may wonder if any party can be ideal for the age in question. The truth is, we are all happy for the celebrant, but many may wonder, ‘how do we best celebrate them?’

Of course, you can throw a party to honour them. But then, the big question is ‘what kind of party would be ideal to celebrate a 70-year-old?’ At this point, many ideas may begin to come in, but you would want to know which of them stands out the most. This is where we come in to help you.

Planning a party can be really stressful, not to talk of what it entails. But it gets tougher with the age difference, as a kid’s birthday party will definitely be different from that of a teenager, an adult, and definitely a senior citizen who just clocked 70 years.


70TH Birthday Party Ideas


The dilemma and confusion that arises with its planning are registered perfectly with us, and that is why we want to help you in making sure that you do a perfect job, by telling you the best ways you can actually go about it, without much stress.

To do this, we shall be addressing the frequently asked questions on the topic. By addressing these questions, it helps us to rid you of your confusions step by step. By the time we are done, and finally able to address the issue here, you will have nothing else to worry about.



Is 70th An Important Birthday?


It is no surprise that in planning or looking for the best 70th birthday party ideas, you may wonder whether or not the age actually matters. In fact, because age is celebrated in 15 and 25, which make up for silver jubilee (25years), golden jubilee (50years) and diamond jubilee (75years), you might be reluctant to celebrate.

Your reluctance might be because you feel you should make the preparations once the celebrant clocks 75, to make it quite remarkable. This might make you feel that in the end, 70 may not actually be important birthdays to celebrate, hence, just skip it to 75 years.

However, life is a gift. It does not matter when we get to or should celebrate it; in fact, if we could celebrate it every day, we cannot be wrong to do that. A 70 year old celebrant is worth celebrating, knowing fully well that his very age is a gift, considering the mortality rate globally.

Also, that you thought of the plan to celebrate them means that they are actually people you care about. You do not need to ask whether or not it is important to celebrate a loved one; you just celebrate them. It does not matter what the age may be, it is an unsung rule that you show them love on their birthdays.

So, if you have a loved one who just turned 70, you should consider it an important birthday. For the life they have lived; for the accomplishments that have been recorded; for what they mean to you personally, or to your community, you should map out plans to celebrate them.


What is The Colour For  70th Birthday?


One of the most important details to have in your mind when checking out 70th birthday party ideas is the colour that makes the day. The colours actually depend on the type of party, and also on the sex of the celebrant.

That being said, in case of an elegant 70th birthday, the colour of the birthday party will be silver and black matched with gold accents. This is because the main silver marks 25 years, and gold marks 50 years, which not only signifies their assent to the 70 years club but an assurance for diamond (75years) jubilee.

For a more laid-back 70th birthday celebration, the ideal colours will be green, yellow and red. In the case of female celebrants, the ideal colour is rose pink and cream, while for men, the ideal colour is navy and gold colour.


70TH Birthday Party Ideas


What Is the Traditional Gift For 70th Birthday?


Before we go ahead and list 70th birthday party ideas, let us look at what is considered the customary gift for a 70th birthday celebrant. Irrespective of their ages, celebrants still deserve to be gifted something on their birthdays. Having this in mind, let us look at what is considered a customary gift for a 70-year-old celebrant.

Customarily, platinum is considered the perfect gift to a celebrant who is celebrating 70 years of age. Platinum is considered the most expensive metal in the world. However, not all guests can get their hands on one because of how expensive it might be.

In that vein, it is important that we consider that you can give something of high value also. Platinum is relevant because of its value thus making it quite expensive. You just have to come up with something that can be of much value in the eyes of the celebrant.

It does not necessarily have to be expensive; it just has to be of much value to be able to leave an impression in their mind about your gift.


Best 70th Birthday Party Ideas


Below, we shall be listing various birthday party ideas for a 70-year-old celebrant. These ideas would help you effectively organize and execute the perfect birthday party for them.

  • Slide shows. You can run a slide show of the pictures of the celebrant from their days of childhood, through teenage and adolescence. It would help bring back profound memories.
  • ‘On the day you were born. You can research various events that occurred within the region, state or country on the day of their birth to further make it fun.
  • Milestone photo book. Have a photo book that shows their various milestones in life through the ages.
  • Photobooth
  • Host a picnic or BBQ
  • Tea Party
  • Have a golf theme
  • Host a roast
  • Have a dance party



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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for 70th birthday party ideas? You can actually go through any of the information which we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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